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  1. Which HTML5 built-in object is used to draw on the canvas?

  2. In HTML5, which attribute is used to specify that the input field is required?

  3. Which input type defines the slider control?

  4. Which input type is used to define week and year controls (without time zone)?

  5. Which HTML5 element is used to display scalar measurements in a known range?

  6. The ___ tag is used to specify the inline frame?

  7. How many graphic object types are there in SVG?

  8. Does HTML 5 support all form controls in HTML 4?

  9. What is DHTML?

    A) HTML

    B) javascript

    C) HTML Dom

    D) CSS

  10. Which of the following is the input type attribute in html5?

    (1) search (2) datetime (3) week (4) color
    (5) track (6) placeholder

  11. Can Canvas use ___ to draw 2D graphics?

  12. Which of the following is not a media element used in html5?

  13. What does SVG mean?

  14. Can HTML 5 be used for mobile applications?

  15. Which type attribute of the input element sets the value of the element to represent a number in a certain range?

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