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Nov 16th 2021

Getting a job suited to your skill must be the dream of every job seeker, but some people don't like to be in the office for work. No need to worry as you can look for freelance jobs or remote works that demand your skills as a requirement. Several companies hire employees for remote work, and they are working with the organization but from their convenient space. Most companies look for developers who can help their clients to find technical solutions using their skills. Freelancing is a good career for people who love to work from the comfort of their homes. Not only the developers but content writers, designers, and many other openings are there for freelancers. Where can you find these job opportunities? We are here to help you with the best websites where you can find the job opportunities that suit your skill. Let's have a look at the websites, and choose the right job opening for you


Turing is a global company that offers jobs to remote developers around the world to work from the comfort of their homes. The selection process is considering the tech roles, skills, and experience, but the freshers with exceptional tech talent will be given an opportunity. Full-time and long-term collaboration is expected with the developers, but part-time jobs are also provided under certain conditions. If you are a person with essential skills and experience to work as a Turing developer, you can create your account on the platform and provide basic details. You can take a work experience survey, solve some MCQs, attend a technical interview and then join our group of developers. The developer will receive the salary in their bank account for their work according to the work agreements. You can check on the Turing Jobs for the further details, and developers you can start earning from good projects with the right platform. 

Refer to this https://www.turing.com/jobs


  1. Remotesome

Remotesome is a great platform for engineers who are ready to express their technical skills. The professional gets to work with several emerging startups and companies from the US, Canada, and Europe. Companies reach out to you if they find your skills suit their requirements. It is a great opportunity for every engineer who is looking for remote jobs, and it is completely free, so you can register and start now. The Remotesome team reaches you whenever there is an interesting opportunity, and you don't have to get worked up as we provide you with the details like job requirements and salary range upfront. Don't wait anymore, it is the best chance to increase your earnings with Remotesome careers. 

Refer to this https://ref.remotesome.com/talent?code=AQ7PC4


  1. Talent

Several tech professionals are waiting for freelancing jobs, don't worry as Talent is ready to help you. Here the professionals are offered tech jobs permanent, freelance, on-site, and remote, and the individuals can opt accordingly. You can register on this Talent website for job positions, many tech companies are ready to hire tech talents from any part of the world. The team will reach out to help you to find a suitable job once you are signed up on the site, and they assure that you get a response from companies at the earliest. Utilize your opportunity to work with the best companies in the industry through Talent careers. 

Refer to this https://www.talent.io/p/en-fr/home


  1. MVP Factory

MVP Factory is a company moving towards adapting to the best of digitalization techniques and intends to improvise client satisfaction. Anyone interested can join them to work as a core member or a freelancer. People with excellent talent and who approach them professionally have a great opportunity to showcase their skills. If you are planning to join the team as a freelancer, you need to register on the website by entering the personal details and adding your resume/ CV. For people looking to work in the core team, you can check for the current openings as there are several departments like business and digital consulting, finance, engineering, and many other areas where you can work according to your skills. Check whether your skills are matching this job and sign up for MVP factory careers for building a good career. 

Refer to this: https://www.mvpfactory.co/about-us/careers


  1. Upstack

Upstack is the right place for engineers who are looking for remote jobs and with exceptional skills. You get to work on interesting and challenging projects with some excellent startups on this platform. If you are ready to work, you can boost your skills with good projects and get payment at the right time without any hassle. Developers can log in to the website for finding the opportunities you get there. You can visit the website to know what are the current openings and apply to join the team if you have technical skills matching the requirements. Let's build a better career by joining Upstack careers where your skills are valued and given importance.

Refer to this  https://upstack.co/careers?60FA9DA5


  1. Toptal

Freelancers have huge opportunities in the Toptal platform for the best career projects. If you have the skills to be a software developer, designer, finance expert, product manager, or project manager, then you are welcomed to Toptal careers to express your talents. They are connected to many top companies, and the freelancers get an opportunity to be a part of several main projects. When you apply to this platform as a freelancer, you get clear guidance to grab the best projects. The companies will hire you if you are the right talent they need, after a trial period of you joining them as a team member. You are connected with many amazing talents, and being part of the right team gives you a chance to explore your skills more.

Refer to this  https://www.toptal.com/ 


  1. Gun

Technical talents are always exploring better opportunities to improve their skills, and Gun offers you the best projects. People search on this platform, either to hire someone or to search for work. They have the best recruiters who are ready to value exceptionally talented developers. You can start with Gun careers by signing up to their official website and filling in the necessary details. Freelancers can opt for flexible project durations and will be paid a good amount for their work. They don't demand you to be on a long-term contract, which is beneficial for the freelancers. Brush up your tech talents and join this wonderful team to explore more.

Refer to this  https://www.gun.io/


  1. Akvelon

For everyone who wants to start their career with the best among the technology consulting firms, Akvelon is the right choice for you. If you are a developer who can utilize your software skills to provide desired output to your clients, you can work with the best companies in the technology field. The job positions are open for those who are looking for remote jobs and full-time employment. You can apply for jobs that suit your skill profile and convenience. Get ready to tackle the difficult technology challenges and to improve your skill set by joining Akvelon Careers. 


Refer to this https://akvelon.com/


  1. Netguru

If you are in search of remote jobs, Netguru can help you with several choices for the employees. Netguru is one of the better developing digital consultancies in the EU, and you can be part of the team to give satisfactory results to the clients. You can work as a team to produce excellent solutions for the clients, and develop your skills further. They have several clients, especially new entrepreneurs, and you get a productive environment to develop your ideas into effective solutions. You can go through job openings on the official website to join Netguru to boost your career. 


Refer to this  https://www.netguru.com/join-netguru


  1. Flexiple

Flexiple is a platform offering projects to freelance developers and designers based on hourly rates. People can join this platform and try the one-week risk-free trial to check whether they can manage the work. Many top talents are experienced in this field working with us on different projects. You can join an experienced team if you have the right skill to develop technological solutions. You can register as a freelancer on the Flexiple website by filling in the basic details they have asked for. When you provide personal details on the website, their team will connect with you for further procedures.

You can refer to this to join Flexiple Careers: https://flexiple.com/


  1. X-Team 

For developers with excellent technical skills, X-Team always welcomes them. Different clients are there for X-Team who seek technological solutions and services from the best talents. If you feel that you are one of those talents, you can join their team to showcase your skills. The developer gets a chance to be recruited for long-term remote jobs with the leading brands. You can signup to get the right projects in the X-Team platform, fill up your basic details, and experience in the relevant field. Join this energizing group of individuals through X-Team jobs to get a better opportunity for your career.

Refer to this  about X-Team: https://jobs.x-team.com/signup/


  1. We Work Remotely

It is one of the best official job-providing sites that several remote job seekers search for. You can sign up on the site to search for jobs suiting your technical skills. The developer gets an opportunity to work with the best companies in the technology field by working as a remote team member. Programming, Design, Finance, and many other categories are there for the job seekers to work on this platform. The team makes sure that you are guided to work on the project that suits you the best. If you are open to challenges, start your career as a remote developer through We Work Remotely Careers.

For further details, refer to this link: https://weworkremotely.com/


  1.  Dice

For every tech expert out there, Dice is the perfect career destination. The job seeker has the choice to search for the jobs according to the criteria they set, and get the opportunities based on your requirements. You can create a Dice profile for free and connect with the best companies to boost your tech talents. The developers will benefit in numerous ways, and you get the best industry exposure through this platform. You can search for the job on this platform by using the job title, skill or company, and location.

To learn further about jobs at Dice, check this given link: https://www.dice.com/


  1.  Adevait

Adevait is the best platform for the talents in software engineering. They get to work in a network of experienced tech professionals and improve their working methods. The projects offered in the platform will be based on client requirements, it can be hourly or full-time projects. They have a proper screening process in which the professionals have to prove not only their tech talents but also give importance to their aptitude and personality. The client works with the new hire based on the no-risk trial period, and the professional can continue working if they can meet up to the client's requirements. Join Adevait Careers to get the right start to your tech career. 

Refer to this URL for understanding further details: https://adevait.com/


  1.  TechFetch

Techfetch opens opportunities for the top tech talents in the industry. The professional can search for the job openings by checking the job titles or location. It is a perfect platform for those who are looking for remote jobs also, you can upload the resume if you have the technical skills mentioned in the job requirements. The recruiters from the top companies will check your resumes and details before assigning you tasks. If you are planning to improve your career as a developer, join TechFetch jobs to grab the best career positions. 

Refer to this link if you want to know more about Techfetch: https://www.techfetch.com/https://www.techfetch.com/


  1. Yeeply

If you are looking for a like-minded environment to work in, Yeeply will be a good choice for you. The professionals with tech talents can log in to their official website to know about the current openings they have. Developers can connect with many tech talents and work with the best clients in the field. They offer training for the employees to keep them updated with the varying technologies and to bring out the best outcomes in this competitive field. After analyzing the requirements of the client, a regular team is assigned to them for finding the tech solutions. Yeeply Careers will be the best choice for those who are ready for tech challenges. 

For further details, you can refer to this link: https://en.yeeply.com/careers/


  1. HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a community for professionals who look forward to boosting their coding skills. It helps coders to prepare for interviews, also the developers can take part in the coding challenges with several other brilliant talents in the same platform. You can match with the tech talents in the top companies by interacting with these coding challenges. It helps the coders to develop the coding skills and to upgrade them when required. You can join the HackerEarth community by logging in, and this opens the opportunity to explore various tech challenges. The companies also hire the developers from this platform by assessing, interviewing, and upskilling them. 

Refer to this URL to get further details about HackerEarth: https://www.hackerearth.com/


  1. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is the place for all the talented freelancers out there, and you can get hired for one hour or a project. The freelancers can work on their specialized area, it can be content writing, video editing, programming, or any other. You can fill in the online application, which the team will review to ensure that you have the best skills. When you are approved to work with the team, you get access to several projects from international clients. If you have an impressive profile and skill set, you can easily incorporate it with clients for work. Build a valuable profile and start your freelancing career with PeoplePerHour jobs. 

Refer to this URL for further details: https://www.peopleperhour.com/site/login


  1. Arc

If you are looking forward to working as a remote developer, here is your chance to explore the opportunities. You can find a job from any part of the world through this website, make sure that you have the skills satisfying that job. Being a verified developer earns you more projects, and the team makes sure that you are provided with the work that matches your skill. The person can connect with other remote developers on the same platform and learn to make their skills better. If you are looking for proper growth as a developer professionally, you should join Arc careers. 

Get further details from the URL given here: https://arc.dev/


  1. Gigster

Gigster is a global platform that delivers services to clients with the help of expert professionals. The professionals are hired through proper screening and verified whether they have the talent to complete the project. If you get hired in Gigster, it will be a career boost as you get to work with a result-driven team and to improve your work. Developers will have a good time working on this platform, and you can collaborate with several famous companies in the industry. If you are a developer, start with Gigster Careers to get exposure to better projects and boost your efficiency.

 Refer to this URL for further information: https://gigster.com/


  1. Upwork 

Upwork is a network of talented professionals, who are ready to work towards bigger transformations. Several clients are looking for the best talents in the industry through our website to build their business more. For freelance developers, Upwork careers are the best choice for improving your skills and to earn a good amount. You can go to the official website and signup filling in your details to start freelancing. Data and privacy protection are taken care of by the expert team from Upwork, so the professionals have to focus on delivering the project within the deadline to the client. You can search for suitable projects in Upwork after completing your profile details.

Refer to this link for further information: https://www.upwork.com/


  1. Fiverr

For everyone who is intending to start their freelance career, Fiverr will be a perfect choice for you. The freelancers can express their skills, can be in digital marketing, graphics, and designing, writing, and translation, programming, or any other specializations. The professionals are offered a great opportunity to work with the best companies in the industry. If you do your work at the right time without missing the deadline, you will be paid for the work when the payment is approved. The Fiverr team will be there to assist the freelancers and clients 24/7 if they need support on the platform.

You can refer to this link to get a better idea about Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/


  1. Freelance

Freelance is a website that welcomes talented freelancers to work as a community. They are connected with many freelancers and startups, the high-quality output is aimed at every project. The freelancers have a chance to operate with large organizations which can help you to boost your experience. You get the opportunity to work with the technical teams of the companies and to give your ideas for the completion of the project. The freelancers can sign up to the official website of Freelance if they want to work with the best in the industry. 

You can explore more about Freelance by referring to this URL: https://en.freelance.com/


  1. Freelancer

Freelancer is the best platform for freelancers from all around the world, you can work online according to your convenience and get paid suitably. You can find many freelancers who are developers, writers, and with other skills working on the projects to give the best output. When the clients are satisfied with the work that the freelancer does, they get payment completed. The Freelancer team helps the recruiters to find the best freelancers in the platform who are quick with quality projects. Interested freelancers can sign up through the official website, fill in their details and start looking for a suitable project. 

Refer to this URL to know further details: https://www.freelancer.com/


  1. Proxify

If you are looking for a remote job that is exciting and well paid, Proxify will be the best support for you. The professionals get to work with the startups and leading brands if their skills are suitable for the project. You can apply now to get these remote jobs by completing the application process. They just want their team to be filled with talents who can bring desired outcomes and services for the clients. There are also senior tech professionals working in this platform, who are experienced and skilled, the newcomers can explore their skill set by working together as a team. Get ready to start your remote jobs through Proxify Careers.

Refer to this link to get further details: https://career.proxify.io/


  1. Crossover

Remote jobs are loved by everyone around the world as they get connected with talented people and get to learn more. Crossover aims at providing the best client experience with a talented pool of professionals who are dedicated to producing the desired output. The professionals can connect with the top recruiters and get paid well when they complete the work. You can join the Crossover through the official website and check for the current openings to find something suitable for your skills. If you are ready to accelerate your career and skill set along with excellent professionals, you check for Crossover jobs. 

Refer to this link to get further details: https://www.crossover.com/


  1. BairesDev

At BairesDev, you can find the best remote jobs that give you satisfaction and are well paid. You can search for your dream jobs in the current openings section, you can apply for jobs that match your skill set. Several job areas like marketing, software development, finance, accounting, and many others are there for the professionals to choose in this platform. If you are very talented in your chosen area, you will get hired for the convenient project. You can work with many brands and startups who are looking for efficient results, it helps you to develop your skills. Join the BairesDev team to make your career a better one.

Refer to this link for understanding more information: https://www.bairesdev.com/


  1. Pilot

Why should you worry when you have the opportunity to work from anywhere, Pilot offers you the best choices. The remote teams get the best benefits for working efficiently on projects. The employee gets standard payment without any markup fees. They have many international brands as clients, so the quality of work is valued most. You can sign in to the official website, complete the basic details and start working according to your skills. If you are ready to start your career as a remote developer, Pilot careers will be the better companion for you. 

Refer to this URL to understand more about Pilot: https://pilot.co/


  1. Number8

Number8 is one of the top companies that offers software development and technology consulting to their clients. They hire talented developers who can work as a team in the United States. The developer will have flexible schedules to work and they encourage employees to have a good work/life balance for the welfare of the employees. You have excellent remote job opportunities by joining Number8 as a developer. If you are ready for tech challenges, search for the current openings in Number8 careers and apply for the openings that match your skill. 

For further queries feel free to check the official website: https://number8.com/


  1. CrewNew

CrewNew offers technical solutions for clients around the world. Freelancers have the best opportunity to build their careers if they have the right skill to do the project. You can provide your basic details when you sign up onto this platform. They hire technical talents to give the best technical solutions to the requirements of the clients. Developers will be hired for long-term projects also considering the skill levels. Join CrewNew careers if you are ready to give solutions for technical challenges and to improve your skill level. 

Refer to this link if you want to know further details: https://crewnew.com/




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