Breadcrumbs are the most required element that you can add while developing the website. It grants a better aesthetic to the website and additionally helps the user with easier navigation. Breadcrumbs are not only included in the website but also in Windows Visa too.


It can be added separately through CSS. To recognize Breadcrumbs, the best way it indicates the current page that has a navigating hierarchy that is separated with the help of CSS.


How Breadcrumbs can be used?

You can add a linked list of items using an ordered list or unordered list to develop a shortened style of Breadcrumb. There are several utilities available that you can prefer for adding the styling.


The additional component divider can be embedded as a structure of Breadcrumb. You can insert a divider into the CSS styling, before and after the content. As mentioned before, Breadcrumbs are used to separate two different pages linking them through navigating hierarchy.  


You can use Breadcrumb’s divider option using a custom CSS property named bs-breadcrumb-divider. Also, you can quote out a particular symbol to generate a separation which indicates a divider.


For example,

<nav style="--bs-breadcrumb-divider: '>';" >

  <ol class="breadcrumb">

    <li class="breadcrumb-item"><a href="#">Contact Us</a></li>

    <li class="breadcrumb-item active" aria-current="page">About Us </li>




In the above-given example, the symbol “>” represents the navigating symbol between Contact Us and About Us page. But if you don’t include any specific quote then the by default symbol is ‘/’. The key elements such as aria-current depict the current page which is linked to the last item of the set

Bootstrap5 BreadCrumbs example code

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