Lockdown 5.0 Rules


  • May 31, 2020

    India we have finished Lockdown 4.0 and enter into 5.0.

    On Lockdown 5.0 Prime Minister Modi has called on the people of the country to continue their fight against Corona. It is suggested to be more careful in the future. He said the economy, which was hit by the corona crisis, is gradually rebounding. Masks are mandatory for everyone to wear a physical distance. It is remembered that during the Corona, many initiated new innovations. All categories for corona tightening

    Emergency operations should be allowed in containment zones. Except for them, the people are not allowed to travel here. Contact tracing activities should be undertaken here. Surveillance should be kept on every house. Take medically necessary measures

    State governments may identify areas where new cases may occur outside of the containment zones as buffer zones. District authorities may impose necessary sanctions.

    Even outside the containment zones, state governments may ban certain activities and impose sanctions that they deem necessary.

    A green flag for communion between states

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