10 Innovative apps that are built using Flutter

Last updated Jul 31, 2020

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application framework for to develop native apps. We know so many apps are developed with Flutter Framework. Here we will check  the list of 10 amazing apps built with the Flutter framework. All the reference has been taken from a flutter.dev so that you will get a better idea about the power of the Flutter framework.


top 10 Flutter apps

Before going to read the apps  we should know that why everyone adopting Flutter.

  1. Flutter is fast when it comes to rendering the app content this is because Flutter uses Skia graphic engine to paint the screen and hence Flutter is UI is smooth and fast, and Skia is written in C++ and we all know that how fast is C++. Skia graphic engine is also developed by Google and now they are powering the Flutter.
  2. In Flutter everything is a widget, you can manage your UI or project with the set of widgets, Flutter has increases the usability of codes or classes. Flutter allows you to use in-build widgets as well as you can create your own widget that suited as per the requirement.
  3. If Flutter doesn’t support any API which is released by the Android and iOS platform in that case also you can use platform channel to expose the native API and I think this is the reason where Flutter takeovers the other platform because Flutter approach is pretty much simple and understandable.


1 Insight Timer

2 Grab

3 Alibaba Group

4 Dream 11

5 Philips

6 Ebay

7 ScrollNews

8 Birch Finance

9 Systolic

10 picPics – Photo Organizer


Insight Timer

The Insight Timer apps are used by almost 9M users and they are handling it with Flutter with this you can imagine the strength of the Flutter framework, this is a meditation app build for an Android and iOS user where you will get the music for meditation, an expert suggestion for meditation and other meditation post and guidance. The most important thing is that these apps built with Flutter.

Apps built with flutter - insight timer

Insight Timer – Apps Build with Flutter




Grab offers the service like transport, on-demand delivery, consumer and financial services and Grab has created his merchant app for growing the food delivery business where they have covered all the points while developing the application like security, performance, and the better UI.

Apps built with flutter - Grab



Alibaba Group

Alibaba group has created his new application with the Flutter framework and we know that Alibaba has a global client and it is one of the largest and leading organizations and this is an eCommerce application and we all know the traffic of such application and Alibaba powering their product with Flutter. Apps built with Flutter has really good performance as compared to other frameworks.


Apps built with flutter - Alibaba

Flutter Framework – Alibaba Group



Dream 11

Dream 11 is India’s largest sports app which handles almost 50M+ users on Android and iOS platforms. This is a platform where you can play sports with your friends online and this they managed in Flutter just like the eCommerce app sports app also has a large audience.

Apps built with flutter - Dream11

Dream 11 – Apps Built with Flutter Framework



Philips has made an app for controlling the smart light based on user mood, you can check the information and the app functionality on Philips site. With this application, you can control your light based on RGB color.


Flutter Framework – Philips



eBay is the largest online shopping platform and now they have chosen the Flutter for building a motor app for selling and buying vehicles. You can check the app on App Store and Play Store. eBay already has its eCommerce platform application but this time they have chosen the Flutter framework and all the Flutter community knows the reason.

Apps built with flutter - ebay

App Build with Flutter – ebay



As it name speaks about the app, it is an online news app built with Flutter framework for iOS and Android platform, where you will get all categories of news including videos.


Apps Built with Flutter – ScrollNews


Birch Finance

Birch is a credit card reward app where you will get the rewards for your expenses, you can think that you can also build a highly secure application in Flutter. In pub.dev you will find the many packages that will help you to store data securely.

Apps built with flutter - Birch

Birch App – Flutter Framework



Systolic is a blood pressure measuring, monitoring, and reporting app. You can see this app on the Play Store and App Store.


Apps Build with Flutter Framework


picPics – Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer is an app for arranging and organizing the pics on your smartphone, you can organize your photo or group the pics based on location or category.

Apps built with flutter - PicPics

Flutter Framework – PicPics

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