Attend MockTest

  1. Flutter uses ___ Complilation to increase the speed while execting.

  2. Which Layout Widget is  use to allow more widgets to fit into screen and allow scrolling?

  3. Flutter is Open Source?

  4. Which type of animation allows you In-between animations?

  5. What type of Widgets are created for Static type?

  6. In Flutter Everything is a  _________

  7. Can we use Flutter for writing Web apps?

  8. For which mobile platforms you can write Apps using Flutter?

  9. Text, Button, Image are  widgets in flutter. True or False?

  10. Can we use Material Design for ios App?

  11. Is Widget is basic building bloc of User Interface in Flutter?

  12. What type of widgets are used by Flutter to achieve Pixel Perfect in Android UI?

  13. Which Layout Widget we can use to position it's childrens relative to the edges of a box?

  14. Is it take less time to develop mobile applications with Flutter?

  15. Dart is developed by ----------

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