Beginner Flutter Project - Pong Game

Animations will play key role when developing the mobile applications. In this project we are going to create a Flutter game application which is a 2D game. While building this 2D game we will learn how animations will work inside flutter applications. We learn Flutter animations, animation controllers, Tween animations...

Flutter Beginner Project - Ebook application

This is an EBook flutter application where you can show all types of books in one place to readers. This will show Book list, Book details like Book Name, Author name, Price, Free or Paid. If the Free book it will load the PDF inside application then readers can read the book

Flutter Pizza app with Firebase Razorpay

In this Flutter application we will show you a Pizza Application which will get the Data from Firebase and Integrate RazorPay Payment gateway. What we will learn Create Simple flutter application Integrate Firebase data with flutter Fetch data from Firebase database Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway

Flutter E-Commerce Application source code

Flutter E-Commerce Application source code. This Flutter ecommerce app contains the Products page, details page and cart page. This app can run on both ios and android devices. This app directory structure will contains

Free Instagram clean UI implementation in a flutter by john jake. The app is created using flutter where data is loaded using JSON from an offline file

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