Flutter Widget Catelog & Examples

Flutter is a full-platform UI framework developed by Google, and Flutter UI is composed of various widgets, so to learn Flutter well, you must first learn Flutter Widgets. If you have learned Flutter Widgets, you can say that you have mastered Flutter. Use other things by yourself.

AlertDialog Align AnimatedAlign AnimatedBuilder AnimatedContainer AnimatedCrossFade AnimatedDefaultTextStyle AnimatedList AnimatedOpacity AnimatedPadding AnimatedPhysicalModel AnimatedPositioned AnimatedSize AnimatedSwitcher AppBar AspectRatio BackdropFilter Banner Baseline BottomAppBar BottomNavigationBar BottomSheet ButtonBar Card Center Checkbox CheckboxListTile Chip CircleAvatar CircularProgressIndicator ClipOval ClipPath ClipRRect ClipRect Column ConstrainedBox Container CupertinoActionSheet CupertinoAlertDialog CupertinoButton CupertinoContextMenu CupertinoDatePicker CupertinoNavigationBar CupertinoPageScaffold CupertinoSlider CupertinoSwitch CupertinoTabBar CupertinoTimerPicker CustomPaint CustomScrollView DataTable DatePicker DecoratedBox DecoratedBoxTransition DefaultTextStyle Dismissible Divider Draggable Drawer DropdownButton Expanded ExpansionPanelList FlatButton Flexible FloatingActionButton Flow FlutterLogo Form GestureDetector GridView Icon IconButton Image IndexedStack InkWell LinearProgressIndicator ListTile ListView NestedScrollView Opacity OutlineButton OverflowBox Padding PageView PhysicalModel Placeholder PopupMenuButton Positioned PositionedTransition Radio RadioListTile RaisedButton RangeSlider RefreshIndicator RichText RotatedBox RotationTransition Row Scaffold Scrollbar SelectableText SimpleDialog SingleChildScrollView SizedBox SizedOverflowBox Slider SliverAppBar Stack Stepper Switch TabBar Table Text TextField TimePicker ToggleButtons Tooltip Transform VerticalDivider Wrap

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