Is it Flutter creating new Trend in Hybrid Application development - 2020?

Flutter Hybrid Application development 2020
Aug 1st 2020

What is Flutter?
Flutter is the software development kit for Google’s mobile app, which is used to create a cross-platform application. It has a complete framework environment, tools, widgets, and all of these have a chance to develop a mobile application.


Flutter allows developers to use the same code in various environments, as it can reduce the application’s cost and complexity. It’s quicker application creation, and it has lots of gestures, so animations are available for their own identity


Advantanges ofr programmer to develop application with Flutter Framework

Single Codebase:

Flutter has the facility of easy debugging and updating process all in one place. A developer can use the 100% same code of iOS and Android, which makes the easy developing process and, the same code will work on both platforms. So, it speeds up the development process.


Flexible UI:

Flutter has a widget to make the app flexible and, it can make it a simple, adaptive layout system. UI can change in front of your eyes in seconds and, it will make attractive designing. It has a good and single screen on the layout. The layout is different from each other and, it depends on the development.


Quicker Code Writing: 

Flutter means a more dynamic and faster app development process. We can make changes in the code and see them in the application which is creating. We can do enhancements and tests with application feel and look and, it can make it simple. In these hot reload, which is to take milliseconds and encourages groups to include any features. So, flutter is a top advancement application.


Testing less: 

If you have an equivalent application for the android and iOS stage, at that point no compelling reason to test in both. Because single codebase is a creation in both applications. At that point what’s more, for a flutter, it is a quality confirmation that has less work to do because, at that point need to change a few contrasts which are relied upon the foundation of utilization. In this way, they need a test on both stages with changes.

Development Cycle to Maintain by Flutter Application Programmer.

Requirement Gathering:

Take the requirements from client and make it research and give feasible solution to clients.


UI/UX Design:

UI/UX configuration is a personality of the stream, and it is used to taking care of the issue. Through the structuring, developer can manufacture the application magnificent and alluring design according to the client’s view and prerequisite.



In these, developer can include the direction of products and, it is the visualization of working products.


App Development:

In application advancement, developer can begin the application for creating. In these, developer satisfy the prerequisite of  customers and give them the best structure.


Quality Assurance:

In quality assurance, developer should have to give the best quality of all module testing and give the best modules to customers.



Deployment is a fundamental procedure in shudder since it will manufacture the application according to the procedure and furnish the great and work with clients