How to check income tax return (ITR) status

How to check income tax return (ITR) status
Sept 2nd 2020

Once we have filed our income tax return (ITR) and verified it, the Income Tax Department starts processing it. They will refund, if anything is due, is issued only after processing of ITR successfully completed. 

The status of the income tax return(ITR) can be checked upon the return that has been filed and verified. Payers should regularly check the status of their ITR  to ensure that the ITR has been accepted and processed.

“If a return is filed properly and processed by the department, then the status reflected in your account will be ‘ITR processed’. Suppose, if some variances are found or some changes are suggested by Centralized Processing Centre (CPC), then it could be return status such as defective return or case transferred to assessing officer."

Then the taxpayer can provide a suitable reply to the income tax department with respect to the status pending in the account.

What are the different types of ITR status?

  1. Submitted and pending for e-verification
  2. Successfully e-verified
  3. Processed
  4. Defective


How to check ITR return status on income tax e-filing website
You have two options to check the status of ITR return

  • Login with Credentials
  • Using acknowledgment number of ITR filed


Option 1: Log in with Credentials

Step 1: Log in to income tax department’s e-filing website


ITR Form


Step 2: Click on Login Here


ITR Login



Step 3: Select View Return/Forms option


ITR form


Step 4: Then select the Income Tax Returns from the first drop-down menu and the relevant assessment year from the drop-down menu

 ITR Status

Option 2: Using acknowledgment number of ITR filed


Step 1:  Open the income tax department’s e-filing website


Step 2: Select ITR status from the list on the left side of the page


ITR Form

Step 3: Now, you are required to fill your PAN, acknowledgment number of ITR


ITR Status

Step 4: The ITR return status will be displayed



The income tax department offers many options to check income tax return or ITR status on its website.


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