Is green tea safe when a woman is pregnant?


  • May 6, 2020

    Green tea is very comforting but then this one for mom to be can have or not is a question. The answer is there is hardly anything to worry about, as some cups of it are just fine. Try not go overboard with it as there are some risks involved with it and you don’t want to jump on the side effects especially when you are having a baby. 

    Experts say that green tea has caffeine and so having them should be under control. If you combine it with other ingredients then be more careful with it. Check with your doctor first and then find out if at all that’s possible. The quantity you have, matters and it can be a problem as well. Here are some benefits associated with it.

    1. Drinking few cups a day can lower down the risk of heart diseases. The levels of triglycerides and cholesterol come down.

    2. The polyphenols help in fighting the free radicals and they can also kill cancer.

    3. The inflammation that is related to IBD is lowered with green tea

    4. Diabetics have the most benefits having this tea.

    5. Green tea protects the liver and alcohol-induced properties.

    6. It also helps in boosting the metabolism and leads to weight loss with time.

    These are some overall benefits. When you are pregnant it needs to regulate and these are some reasons why

    EGCG in green tea can change the folate levels:
    The high levels of this can responsible to invite issues and they are harmful to pregnant women. The EGCG is responsible for folate levels. This stage is critical as the normal development of the fetus is affected. Also, inadequate levels of it result in defects as well. It can also risk both babies and mothers.

    High doses of caffeine can lead to miscarriage:
    If you are wondering about the caffeine in it, yes it can be tough to handle. Caffeine can spread placenta and the high levels of caffeine can cause low weight in the body of the babies. This, in turn, can also cause harm to infant's respiratory line, hemorrhage, and sudden death. Excessive consumption should be off the cards.

    Too much green tea can also worsen the symptoms:
    It can cause unpleasant side effects and some of which happen when women are pregnant. High caffeine can cause dizziness and it may worsen with nausea. Women tend to throw up when it comes to this and there is a loss of appetite as well. So if you are going through morning sickness then you should avoid an overdose of it. You might end up feeling irritable with it.

    These are some things that are associated with having green tea when you are pregnant. The chances might be less but nobody wants to risk their life or anyone else's by doing the overdose of it in the body. Check with your doctor and take further suggestions on the same. You will exactly understand what the body requires.


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