Which of the following are like decimals?

a) 1.7,2.35,7.135,5.50

b) 0.9,0.99,9.99,9.999

c) 3.2,4.8,5.2,6.7

d) 0.5,0.56,0.567,0.5678


  • September 23, 2020

    Before going to write answer, firt we need to know What is Like Decimals and UnLike Decimals

    Like Decimals

    Decimals having the same number of decimal places are called like decimals i.e. decimals having the same number of digits on the right of the decimal point are known as like decimals


    Unlike Decimals

    Decimals having different number of decimals places are called Unlike decimals


    So in the given above options 

    a) 1.7, 2.35, 7.135, 5.50

    b) 0.9, 0.99, 9.99, 9.999

    d) 0.5, 0.56, 0.567, 0.5678

    these options having different number of decimals places 

    option c) 3.2,4.8,5.2,6.7 

    having the same number of decimals afer decimal point,

    so option C is like decimal 


    We can convert UnLike Decimals inot Like decimals like below

    a) 1.7, 2.35, 7.135, 5.50 these are unlike decimals to convert them to Like decimals






    Now these are Like decimals



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