C language and Projects for Beginners- Download Free C projects for beginners

Programming is exciting and interesting if you have the right logic. As technology moves forward, you must get familiarized with the coding part. C language is suitable for system programming, it was invented by Dennis Ritchie. If you are a beginner at coding, then it would be better if you start with basic projects using C language.

Some of the other languages have borrowed syntax from the C language directly and indirectly. When you start doing the projects rather than just going through different programs, you get a better understanding. You will get to download the source code for the projects you are planning to do, and you can make variations according to your requirements in the code to bring changes to the output.


15+ C Projects for Beginners

Bank Management System : When you hear the name of this c project, the idea of the project suddenly strikes you. It is to perform bank operations like starting a bank account and managing transactions (including credit and debit). There are inbuilt operations in this project that helps you to remove an account and also to check the list of existing customers

C Bank Management System


Calender Application : There are mainly three operations in the calendar application with c programming, as you will be able to find the corresponding day when the date, month, and year are given. You can easily navigate through the arrow keys on the keyboard after you execute the program

C Calendar application


Contact Management System : This project is for adding extra features when you plan to save the contact of a person. With this C program, you will be able to perform operations like saving the contact information of a person including name, phone number, email, and address. There will be a list of all contacts that are stored in the contact file, you can edit the contact information of the person at any time or even delete the contact from your file if you want


Cricket Score Card Management System: Cricket scorecard management is an interesting project and a very simple one that can be executed using c programming. The information regarding the runs, name of the players, wickets, and strike rates are stored in this project by using the method of file handling

 C Project Source code


Cyber Management System : The Cyber Management System project has two parts- client and server- they both have different source codes. The system management is the task of the server, while the client part provides access to the clients for cyber services


Departmental Store Management System : This project is built using c language, a console-based application without using graphics. It has features where you can goods, edit goods, search, delete and display the data regarding goods

Departmental store management system


Employee Record System : In this c project, you can manage the details of the employees working in a company or organization. You get the idea of this project as soon as you hear the name itself, file handling method is followed here to store the data in a specific file


HangMan Game : Hangman game project is user-friendly and developed in the IDE called as code:: Blocks using GCC compiler. You will be asked to guess a character when you run this application, and the user will have five chances to guess the character


Library Management System : Library Management System is made using code:: Blocks with GCC compiler. It is one of the best project ideas for beginners in c programming, and it helps you to understand how the operations are done in a library. The source code is ordered properly for a better understanding, and comments can also be helpful for the user


Medical Store Management System : Medical Store Management is a c console-based project which doesn't use graphics. You are allowed to perform various operations like insert, delete and modify the details that are added in the stock (records of medicine, supplier, and customers) in this project

 Medical Store Management System


Packman Game : Pacman Game Project is a c console-based application, designed using code:: Blocks with GCC compiler for entertainment purposes


Personal Dairy Management : It is a c console-based application that works without using graphics and is one of the best c programming projects. In personal diary management, personal data like name, mobile number, address, date of birth, living place, or any other data is stored


Phone Management System :

The Phone Management System is designed in Code:: Block using GCC compiler. It is a simple C console-based project even beginners can give a try.

In this project, you can do the basic operations like in the mobile phonebook. The user can perform insert, modify, list, search and delete in this project. The file handling method and data structure are utilized for storing data and performing the basic phonebook operations in this application


Quiz Application : The quiz game project is designed in Code:: Blocks with GCC Compiler to test the general knowledge of the user. The topics for the quiz can be science, sports, geography, movies, or any other. You cannot run this project in a turbo c compiler. The quiz will have questions connecting all the areas in the contest


School Billing System :

It is a C programming project, which is console-based that doesn't use graphics. The school billing system can be used as a college project for students who are interested in C programming. 

The billing operations will be two types of accounts one for staff and the second for teachers


Snake Game : It is also a c console-based application, which is designed simply without using graphics. Snake Game Project is built for entertainment purposes like the Pacman game. The user gets a realistic feeling of playing the mobile snake game through this application


Student Record System : The Student Record system is one of the best projects you can design using C programming. The data stored in a particular file in this project is by using the data handling method. 

The operations like inserting, modifying, searching, and deleting the record are done in this project. You can also generate the mark sheet of the students in this application

Student Record management system


Telecom Billing System : It has similar functions like the telecom companies, you have the operations like to add a record with name, phone number, and amount of payment. The user is also allowed to do payments by providing a phone number instead of a name. The file handling method is used for the data storage purpose in this project


Tic-Tac-Toe Game : Tic Tac Toe game is a c console-based application that doesn't use graphics. It is the same as the noughts and crosses (another name is 'Xs' and 'Os'). The game is built using Code:: Blocks with GCC compiler. In this game, there are 765 states of space complexities

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