Google play store rejected my app due to SMS permission I removed SMS permission from the manifest but the play store not accepting my app manifest set only read SMS permission. but the play store rejected this app I am getting this mail from the play store The declared functionality Default SMS handler (and any other core functionality usage while default handler) is determined to be unnecessary or not aligned with the core functionality of your app. Under the SMS / Call Log policy only apps with specific core functionalities are eligible to request SMS / Call Log permissions. For the list of eligible core, functionalities refer to this Help Center article. You can come into compliance by either removing the permission from your app or revising your app so that its core functionality (through in-app experience and metadata in Store listing) aligns with the eligible cases. Default handler capability was listed on your declaration form, but your app has no default handler capability <uses-permission android: name= "android. permission. READ_CONTACTS " />     <uses-permission android:name= " android.permission.READ_SMS " />    

According to google "You may only request permissions that are necessary to implement critical current features or services in your application. You may not use permissions that give access to the user or device data for undisclosed, unimplemented, or disallowed features or purposes"


If your app needs to read SMS for SMS-based user verification / OTP verification please use SMS Retriever API which does not need any SMS permission and your app can still read SMS for OTP verification


Google play has a new policy for sensitive permissions such as call and SMS If the core functionality of your app is not SMS, then you do not need to request for that permission. you can send the SMS using the default SMS app on the device. use Intent.ACTION_VIEW like the code shown below. Then remove those permissions in your manifest file

String intro="Write Message";
    String phoneNumber="1234567890"
    Uri sms_uri = Uri.parse("smsto:" +phoneNumber);
    Intent sms_intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, sms_uri);
    sms_intent.putExtra("sms_body", intro);