What is the difference between HyperText and HyperLink

Published February 13, 2022

Hypertexts and hyperlinks complete each other; none is fully functional without the other. It is easy to confuse the two because they operate hand in hand in the World Wide Web (WWW). 

What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink is simply a reference to data that a user can follow by tapping or clicking. Hyperlinks are also known as node or anchor because it creates the connection between the target documents. It has the URL of the website or page. Hyperlinks are kept hidden under audio, video, texts, and images and only get highlighted when clicked or tapped. 

What is hypertext?

These are texts shown on a digital device like a computer with references to another type of text that the user can access immediately if they tap or click on them. It was designed to create a cross-reference of data in the digital world. It is somehow complicated but it saves time and makes browsing easier. 

Differences between hyperlinks and hypertexts  

  1. The main difference between the two is that hypertexts have a non-linear linking of the text with some other data whereas hyperlinks have references that are utilized in the hypertexts or other hypermedia. For example, hypertexts can have references to a topic that the user can quickly and easily access with a click. Hyperlinks on the other hand will have references in hypertext to a specific section. 

  2. Hypertexts, as the name suggests, involve only texts that are displayed in webpages whereas hyperlinks involve media, audio, video, graphics, images, and also texts. For example, hypertexts have words or texts with a link that when the user click directs him or her to more information. In hyperlinks, you can be directed to more information if you click on an image, song, or even a picture with links. 

  3. Hypertexts specifically generate related information to the topic when directed, whereas in hyperlinks the directed link can have some non-related information. For example, hypertexts will direct you to the meaning of a term that you click whereas a hyperlink may direct you to a page unrelated to the term you click.

  4. Hypertexts comprise hyperlinks whereas hyperlinks comprise of URL of the webpage. For example, a hypertext will have a text with a link when clicked whereas the hyperlink will have the website URL when clicked. 

  5. Hypertexts are mostly associated with keywords whereas hyperlinks identify with the anchor tags. For example, hypertexts will be linked to keywords of the topic involved whereas hyperlinks will be attached to the anchor text in the website that the user can click. 

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