Environment Setup

To get started learning the C language we have to set up a platform where we can easily practice our programming section. For this, you need the following software tools on your computer.

  • The C Compiler

  • Text Editor


The C Compiler

The platform where the source and be run and executed is known as a compiler. It helps in compiling our source file into a machine language for the CPU to understand and vice versa. We can start programming using C compilers. There are different C compilers for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The most widely used C compilers are GNU C/C++ compilers. It is free of cost for all the platforms. Also, you can use Visual studio C/C++ by Microsoft.

After installing your C compiler you are ready to start learning.


Text Editor

Text editor can be used to type your program. Some text editors like Windows Notepad, OS, Brief, etc. The versions usually vary on different operating systems.

The code you created in this text editor is called source code and should be saved by an extension ".c" for example "Demo.c"

Before starting you must know about How to compile a C program with Notepad and execute it.


Installation in Windows

If you are a windows user then you need to install the C compiler on your system. Turbo C++ is the best one to start your C programming. 

You can also use Visual Studio C/C++ for a better programming experience.


Installation in Mac OS

If you use Mac OS the easiest way to set up the C platform is to download the Xcode. Setting up Xcode will help you in using the GNU compiler for C/C++.


Installation in Linux

If you are a Linux user then you should check whether GCC is already installed on your system or not. Here is a full tutorial to do that.

Type this command in the command line to check whether GCC is installed or not.

$ gcc -v

If GCC is already installed on your computer then it will show the following message.

Using built-in specs.

Target- i386-redhat-linux

Configured with- ../configure --prefix=/usr .......

Thread model- posix

gcc version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)

If GCC is not installed then you should install it first in your system. Here are the detailed instructions to install it Click Here.


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