C Program to check Given Number is Polindrome or Not

In This C program will demonstrate check a given number is polindrome or not

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  int n, reverse = 0, temp;
  printf("Enter a number to check a palindrome or not\n");
  temp = n;
  while( temp != 0 )
    reverse = reverse * 10;
    reverse = reverse + temp%10;
    temp = temp/10;
  if ( n == reverse )
    printf("%d is a palindrome number.\n", n);
    printf("%d is not a palindrome number.\n", n);
  return 0;




Enter a number to check a palindrome or not                                                                                   
121 is a palindrome number


Enter a number to check a palindrome or not                                                                                   
153 is not a palindrome number.