How to Create and Add Items to the Google Sheets Dropdown List

Published June 17, 2022

Google Sheets lets you selectively make changes to your dropdowns. This way, you can select a dropdown and make changes to it while keeping all other dropdowns as is.

How to Create  and Add Items to the Google Sheets Dropdown List

Step 1: Launch a web browser on your computer and open Google Sheets. Next, open the spreadsheet containing your dropdown lists.

dropdown list in Google Sheets8


Step 2: Select the cells containing the dropdown items you want to edit in your spreadsheet.

dropdown list in Google Sheets7


Step 3: In Google Sheets' menu bar, click Data > Data Validation while your dropdown menus are selected.

dropdown list in Google Sheets6


Step 4: You will see a "Data Validation" window where you can customize your dropdown list items.

dropdown list in Google Sheets5


Step 5:  To edit the listed options in the dropdown list, edit the items presented in the “Criteria.” In this case, we have added two fruits Tomatoes and Blue Berries

dropdown list in Google Sheets4


Step 6: To eliminate the List, click” Remove validation”

dropdown list in Google Sheets3


Step 7:  Click “Save.” 

dropdown list in Google Sheets2


If you edit the contents of the range you've chosen, the changes will be reflected in the List. For instance,  the Tomatoes and Blue Berries have been added in this case.

dropdown list in Google Sheets



In conclusion, we have learned how to add and delete items in Google Sheets. You can add any number of dropdown items or even delete the items if you do not want them in your List anymore. Lastly, if you want to do away with your dropdown list, you can simply click, "Remove validation."


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