How to draw a shape on Google Docs

Last updated Feb 28, 2022

Despite the fact that Google Docs isn't designed for drawing shapes and charts, you can use its drawing tool to add whatever shape you want to your document. You can easily draw shapes, lines, callouts, and arrows using it.

Let’s explore how to draw a shape over a text in Google Docs and customize it to exactly what we need.

How to draw a shape on Google Docs

It's pretty easy to draw a shape on the Google Docs document; just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:  Open a Google Docs document on which you would like to draw a shape. The document can be a new one or an existing one.


Draw shapes on Google Doc


Step 2: Go to your document menu and click "insert"


Draw Shapes on Google Doc1


Step 3:  Navigate to the "Drawing" option.  


Add shapes in Google Doc page




Step 4: Now, click “new”.

Add dynamic shapes in Google doc page 2





On your screen, you'll see a drawing dialog box. You will use this window to draw your shapes. From here, you can add shapes, lines, and pictures.

Add shapes in Google doc page





Step 6:  Click on the "shapes" icon.

Google doc shapes





Step 7:  Hover your mouse over the "shapes" dropdown menu options and then click the shape you want to draw.

Custom shapes in Google docs





Step 8: Now, use your mouse to draw the shape that you selected

how do i add shapes in Google doc page





Step 9:  Customize your shape to meet your needs. You can change its color, size, border color, border-weight etc.

To change the size of your shape, click on your shape. A series of blue points will appear around it. Click and drag these points to change the size of your shape.

Shapes 4





To rotate your shape, simply click and hold on a circular point above your shape and then rotate left or right to suit your needs.

doc shapes in google





For different background colors, click on "fill color" and then choose the color you want for your shape.

shape color google docs






Step 10: Once you have drawn and customized your shape, click on "save and close" to save your shape in your Google Doc

doc shape on text




Now your shape is added to the text in Google Docs.

how do i draw shape on Google doc page




To end this tutorial, we’ve discussed how to draw the shape of your choice in a Google Doc. Now you can draw and customize the shape of your choice using the Google Doc drawing tool. To delete the shape you have drawn, simply click on it and press the backspace key

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