How to insert a Hyperlink into a Google sheet?

Published June 16, 2022

You may quickly visit an external file, folder, or webpage by inserting hyperlinks into Google Sheets. By just clicking on the hyperlinks, readers will be able to access these other files, directories, and webpages. This tutorial will show you how to insert hyperlinks into Google Sheet cells.

How to Insert Hyperlinks in Google sheets

Follow these simple steps to insert links into Google Sheets:

Step 1: Click on a cell to insert the hyperlink. A blue border will surround the selected cell.    

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet


Step 2: Click the "Insert" tab on the Google Sheets menu.

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet2


Step 3:  Select "Link" from the Google sheets "Insert" submenu.    

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet3


Step 4: A dialog box will pop up on your screen. Enter the text and link to your webpage or file from this dialog box.

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet4


Step 5: Now, click on apply.

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet5


The link will be inserted into your Google sheets.

Insert Hyperlink in a Google Sheet6



The link is successfully inserted. You will be redirected to the webpage if you click on the link

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