RxJava - Combining Operators

RxJava - Combining Operators

In ReactiveX programming we may need combine various observables.

Some times we may need to get two sets of asynchronous data streams that are independent of each other.

Instead of waiting for the previous stream to complete before requesting the next stream, we can call both at the same time and subscribe to the combined streams

Below are the operators which are used to create a single Observable from multiple Observable

Sr.No. Operator & Description
1 And/Then/When

Combine item sets using Pattern and Plan intermediaries.

2 CombineLatest

Combine the latest item emitted by each Observable via a specified function and emit resulted item.

3 Join

Combine items emitted by two Observables if emitted during time-frame of second Observable emitted item.

4 Merge

Combines the items emitted of Observables.

5 StartWith

Emit a specified sequence of items before starting to emit the items from the source Observable

6 Switch

Emits the most recent items emitted by Observables.

7 Zip

Combines items of Observables based on function and emits the resulted items.



Merge operator to combine the output of multiple Observables

public class RxCombine {
    public static void main(String args[])
                  Observable.just("Hello", "RxJava"),
                  Observable.just("I have", "Started ","RxJava")



I have


Zip: extension method brings together two sequences of values as pairs

public class RxCombine {
    public static void main(String args[])
                  List<String> zippedStrings = new ArrayList<>();
      Observable.just( "Hello", "Hello"), 
      Observable.just( "I have", "Started ","RxJava"),
      (str1, str2) -> str1 + " " + str2).subscribe(s->System.out.println(s));



Hello I have
Hello Started 


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