How can i use hexadecimal color code in Flutter?

In Flutter the  Color  class only accepts integers as parameters
Other wise we need to use names constructors fromARGB/fromRGBO
If we have the Hexa color code then we need to convert this hexa color code into int type color code.
Option 1:
This we can achive by replace "#" with 0XFF in Hexa string and create const color variable by

const color = const Color(0xff0276e8);

Then we can use this value to any where.
Option 2:
Create a class which extends color class

class ColorUtil extends Color {
  static int _getColorFromHex(String hexColor) {
    hexColor = hexColor.toUpperCase().replaceAll("#", "");
    if (hexColor.length == 6) {
      hexColor = "FF" + hexColor;
    return int.parse(hexColor, radix: 16);

  ColorUtil(final String hexColor) : super(_getColorFromHex(hexColor));

and use this in any wdiget by

Color color=ColorUtil("#0276e8")
Color color=ColorUtil("0276e8")