Key Points to remember while develop the Android Application.  

  1. Proper Usage of Intents.

    1.  Intent intent=new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);

  2. Use Fragments when it requires.

    1.  Fragments are not having UI and not requires any permission to access.

    2.  It will give best UI development for phones and Tablets.

  3. Avoid ANR(Application Not Responding) calls

    1.  ANR will come when long running process is running on Main thread.

    2.  Run those in Background thread or any other.

  4. Use Proper libraries and when it needed, and build gradle file proper

  5. Not understanding Bitmaps/Avoiding the usage of Bitmaps

  6. Not Setting minSdkversion, compileSdkversion and targetSdkVersion in build.gradle file

  7. Not optimizing bandwidth usage/ poor Memory Management

  8. Not developing your apps with different sizes / Your apps is not compatible with all devices (screens) / UI (User Interface) is not compatible with all sizes of devices

  9. Not having an idea about the user interaction with app/ not thinking whether the app is user-friendly or not (Because everyone may not use your app the same way you would use it)


  • When we are writing code for any app, it should be easy to understand and readable to any other developer because we have to work with a team. We should specify the code with comments explaining your coding lines. We should keep in mind some points as below:

    • We should follow the naming conventions provided by Java coding standards because Java would be your basic language for Android apps development

    • Use full English descriptors that accurately describe the variable, field, class or interface.

    • Each and every function should be commented properly

    • Each block of code must be surrounded by try-catch block so that the application does not crash

    • There has to be separate packages for Activities, Constant Data and Class Data Objects for the application.

    • Progress dialog should be used wherever there is some heavy processing or network operation running

    • Use custom styles and themes to make the UI consistent throughout the application if the UI is customized as per the client requirements