Flutter Questions and Answers

What is Flutter?
Flutter is a mobile application SDK that includes frameworks, widgets, and tools, providing developers with a simple and efficient way to build and deploy beautiful mobile applications on Android and iOS.


What can Flutter do?
For users, Flutter can make the application interface beautiful and vivid


What types of applications can Flutter build?
Flutter is optimized for 2D mobile applications that want to run on Android and iOS. You can use Flutter to build full-featured applications, including cameras, geolocation, networking, storage, third-party SDKs, and more


Who created Flutter?
Flutter is an open source project with contributions from Google and the community


Does Flutter come with a framework?
Yes! Flutter uses modern frameworks inspired by React. Flutter's framework is designed to be layered and customizable (optional). Developers can choose to use only part of the framework or a different framework


Does Flutter have its own set of widgets?
It is! Flutter with a set of high-quality Material Design and Cupertino (iOS style) of the widget, including both layout and theme. Of course, these widgets are just a starting point. Flutter is designed to make it easy for you to create your own widgets, or customize existing widgets


Does Flutter come with a testing framework?
Yes, Flutter provides APIs for writing unit and integration tests. Learn more about Flutter testing .

We use the test function to test our SDK and measure the test coverage for each submission


What technology does Flutter use?
Flutter is built using C, C ++, Dart, and Skia (2D rendering engine). See this architecture diagram to better understand the major components


How does Flutter run my code on Android?
The C / C ++ code of the engine is compiled with Android's NDK, and any Dart code is AOT compiled into native code. Flutter applications run using a native instruction set (without involving the interpreter)


How does Flutter run my code on iOS?
The C / C ++ code of the engine is compiled using LLVM, and any Dart code is AOT compiled into native code. Flutter applications run using a native instruction set (without involving the interpreter)


What operating systems can I use to build Flutter applications?
Flutter supports development on Linux, Mac, and Windows


What language is Flutter developed in?
We studied a lot of languages ??and runtimes, and eventually adopted Dart as the language of the development framework and widget. The underlying graphics framework and Dart virtual machine are implemented in C / C ++


How does the Flutter application perform?
The Flutter application performs very well. Flutter is designed to help developers easily achieve a constant 60fps. Flutter applications run through natively compiled code-no interpreter is involved. This means that Flutter applications can be launched and executed quickly


How is the Flutter development experience? How long is it between editing and refreshing?
Flutter implements a hot-reload development cycle. You can implement sub-second overloading on your device or simulator.

Flutter's hot reloading is stateful , which means that the application state is retained after reloading. So you can quickly iterate through the various pages in your application without having to start over from the home screen after each reload.


How is Hot Reload different from a Full Restart?
Hot Reload works by injecting updated source code files into a running Dart VM (virtual machine). This includes not only adding new classes, but also adding methods and fields to existing classes, and changing existing functions. Although there are several types of code changes that cannot be hot restarted:

  • Global variable initializer.
  • Static field initializer.
  • main()Application method


What device and operating system versions does Flutter support?
Mobile operating system: Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or later and iOS 8 or later.

Mobile hardware: 64-bit iOS devices (starting with iPhone 5S and newer iPhone models) and ARM Android devices


Why is flutter APK or IPA so big?
Generally, resources include images, sound files, fonts, etc. These are the majority of APK or IPA. Various tools in the Android and iOS ecosystem can help you understand what's in the APK or IPA.

Also, be sure to use the Flutter tool to create a release version of the APK or IPA. The release version is usually much smaller than the debug version