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Last updated Oct 27, 2021

In this post we are going to learn how to convert Map to List and List to Map in Dart/Flutter.


What is List in Dart?

Dart represents arrays in the form of List objects. A List is simply an ordered group of objects

List is classified in two ways

  • Fixed Length List
  • Growable List


What is Map?

The Map object is a simple key/value pair. Keys and values in a map may be of any type. A Map is a dynamic collection

Map can be classified as below

  • Using Map Literals
  • Using a Map constructor


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Let's check

Suppose we have a class called User


class User {
  String name;
  int age;

  User(this.name, this.age);

  String toString() {
    return '{ ${this.name}, ${this.age} }';


Now let's convert List into Map and vice versa


Convert Map to List in Dart/Flutter


Let's initialize Map

Map user_map = {'User1': 23, 'User2': 27, 'User3': 25};


We will convert this Map to List with Customer.name from a key and Customer.age from a value.
Before that, initialize an empty list first

var user_list = [];


Using Map forEach() method

Now we convert our Map to List above using forEach() method


user_map.forEach((k, v) => user_list.add(User(k, v)));


In the code above, we create a new User object from each key-value pair, then add the object to the user_list.


[{ User1, 23 }, { User2, 27 }, { User3, 25 }]



Using Iterable forEach() method


We can also convert a Dart Map to List using Iterable forEach() method instead.

user_map.entries.forEach((e) => user_list.add(User(e.key, e.value)));



[{ User1, 23 }, { User2, 27 }, { User3, 25 }]


Using Iterable map() method

Another way to convert Map to a Dart List is to use Iterable map() method


user_list = map.entries.map((e) => User(e.key, e.value)).toList();


Each entry item of Map’s entries will be mapped to a User object with entry.key as user.name and entry.value as user.age.

Then we convert the Iterable result to List using toList() method



[{ User1, 23 }, { User2, 27 }, { User3, 25 }]



Convert List to Map in Dart/Flutter


Now Let's create a List with User Info


List list = [];
list.add(User('User1', 23));
list.add(User('User2', 27));
list.add(User('User3', 25));


Using Map.fromIterable()

We convert List into Map using fromIterable() constructor


var map1 = Map.fromIterable(list, key: (e) => e.name, value: (e) => e.age);


Using Iterable forEach() method

We can convert Dart List to Map in another way: forEach() method


var map = {};
list.forEach((user) => map[user.name] = user.age);


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Conclusion: In this Dart tutorial we covered how to convert list to map and map to list in different ways

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