Free Download CRM Project - Academic Project with PHP and MySql with source code

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This CRM Academic project is can be used for small enterprises to handle their events. This CRM project developed with PHP and MySQL. This Project contains two modules

  1. Admin Module
  2. User Module


Admin Module

  • Dashboard : Where Admin can see all features in his Dashboard after login into application
  • Manage Users : Admin can manage users
  • Manage Tickets : Admin can Manage Raised tickets
  • Manage Quotes : Admin can Manage Quotes
  • User Visit Graph
  • Check User Access Logs


CRM Project with PHP MySql


PHP CRM Project


User Module

  • User Registration : Where user can Register and he can login into application
  • Profile Management : Handle Profile management like change password
  • Request a Quote : Ask for Request
  • Ticketing System : Create and submit Ticket
  • Change Password


PHP Academic CRM Project



How to run the Project

  • Download the  zip file
  • Extract the file and copy crm folder and paste into your server (Ex: Localhost Xampp server inside htdocs folder)
  • Open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
  • Create a database with name crm
  • Import crm.sql file into created database crm
  • Open Browser and type  http://localhost/crm to user login
  • Open Browser and type  http://localhost/crm/admin to admin login


Credential for admin panel :

Username: admin
Password: admin@1234

Project Details

Project Type :  Web Application
Development Technologies :  PHP, MySql
Tags :  CRM, CRM Academic Project, PHP Projects, MySql CRM Project
Updated On :  2021-07-03
project Source Code Link :   Download Here
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