Free Download Employee Management System with CPP with source code

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Employee's Management System allows you to manage your employee's data in C++ without Database in System's Memory. This kind of project is suitable for small scaled startup companies or NGOs.
The program employee management system store employee ID, name, post, department and salary of employee. Initially, it has no data. Thus, we have to add employee records choosing appropriate option in this program

Features :

  • Tables for New Employees and List The Employee Table
  • Insert New Entry
  • Delete An Entry
  • Edit An Entry
  • Search A Record
  • Sort The Table


Project includes a detailed entry scheme for Employee's Registration, which includes: Age, Name, Code, Experience (in years), Designation, etc



  • PC with 2GB ram(min)
  • CodeBlocks Installed with GNU compiler
  • 200Kb od storage

Installing CodeBlocks

  • Go to CodeBlocks Official Website to Download the Software

  • Install this software in your C(main/windows) drive

  • Watch this Video to Install GNU Compiler in CodeBlocks

  • Open this .c file and click on Build and Run

Project Details

Project Type :  Console Application
Development Technologies :  CPP
Tags :  Cpp, EMS, Employee Management System, Beginner projects, Cpp projects
Updated On :  2021-09-20
project Source Code Link :   Download Here
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