Free Download Student Attendance Management System - Android with source code

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Manage and capture time and attendance for classes, periods and daily needs with the ability to include attendance history on the report card of students.

Flexible  attendance management system in schools for admin and Faculty. Configure and customize the student attendance rules based on classes, periods and daily needs to become efficient


This Projects contains two modules

  • Admin Module
  • Faculty Module


Admin Module:

  • Admin can login with his details
  • Admin can add Student
  • Admin can add Faculty
  • Admin can see the Student Details
  • Admin can see the Faculty details
Attendance Management System Android


Faculty Module:

  • Faculty Can login by details which was shared from admin
  • FAculty can add Student
  • Faculty can Take the attendace bsed on his class and department
  • Faculty can see the attendance report of the students.


Attendance Management System


Run Project

Download zip file and extract into any folder

Open Android studio and import project

Connect Real device or emulator and run project


Project Details

Project Type :  Mobile Application
Development Technologies :  Kotlin, Android, Android studio, Sqlite, Java
Tags :  Attendance Management, School Management, Student Attendance, Mini Projects
Updated On :  2021-06-24
project Source Code Link :   Download Here
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