Free Download Flutter 2D Pong Game with source code

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Pong Game a simple and easy 2D game developed with Flutter. This Game azenda is when Pong ball moves from top to bottom, Pong Batt should hit the ball to move to top, this will continues process. The game points will be gained when bat hit the ball. If the bat miss the ball then the game will over. this is a simple Flutter Beginner Project.


Technical Requirement

To develope this game we need below minimal requirements whould be available

  • Flutter SDK Latest version
  • Any Flutter IDE, ex: Android Studio or VisualStudioCode
  • If you want to develope the game with mac then need XCode
  • An Emulator/simulator or Real devices


Game will contains three parts

  1. Pong Ball
  2. Pong Bat
  3. Game Container

This Game will inclde below flutter widgets

  • Stack and Positioned widgets
  • Animation and AnimationController to handle  Tween animations
  • GestureDetector to handle Pong bat movements


How to run the Game

  • Download the zip file
  • Extract in your work space
  • Open extracted project inside your IDE
  • Run the application in Emulator/simulator or rela Devices





Project Details

Project Type :  Game Application
Development Technologies :  Flutter, Dart
Tags :  Flutter, Beginner Projects, Flutter 2D game
Updated On :  2021-09-28
project Source Code Link :   Download Here
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