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How to Split a String in Golang - Golang String Tutorial

We know in programming language strings are sequence of characters. In Golang strings are different from other programming languages like java,python,rust programming language. Strings in golang is a read-only slice of bytes, these byte could be represented in the Unicode text by UTF-8 encoding. In this go programming language tutorial we are going to split a given string by using Split() function.


Split() function syntax

func Split(s, sep string) []string


In the above function 's' is the string which we need to split the string and 'sep'


Example to split a string with Split() golang


package main

import (

// Main function
func main() {

  // Creating and initializing the strings
  str1 := "Golang, Split String, How to Split String"
  str2 := "Golang String examples"

  // Displaying strings
  fmt.Println("String 1: ", str1)
  fmt.Println("String 2: ", str2)

  // Splitting the given strings
  // Using Split() function
  res1 := strings.Split(str1, ",")
  res2 := strings.Split(str2, "")

  // Displaying the result

  fmt.Println("\nResult 1: ", res1)
  fmt.Println("Result 2: ", res2)



Execute at golang playgroung


String 1:  Golang, Split String, How to Split String
String 2:  Golang String examples

Result 1:  [Golang  Split String  How to Split String]
Result 2:  [G o l a n g   S t r i n g   e x a m p l e s]


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