9 Simple Steps for Rotating Text in Google Docs

Published February 19, 2022

The default typing mode in Google Docs is horizontal. However, there may be times when you need to rotate the text in the Google Docs to meet your needs. Google Docs lacks a straightforward means for rotating text, which causes a problem to its numerous users. It entails small workloads and different text rotation techniques. In this post, we'll look at one of these text rotation techniques that users can employ.


9 Simple Steps for Rotating Text in Google Docs

Text rotation is not a feature Google Docs currently offers. If you need to rotate a small amount of text, you need to use the Insert > Drawing option to create a text box, then rotate the text box on the drawing panel.

The easy steps below demonstrate how to rotate a specific text in a Google Doc using the Insert > Drawing option.


Step 1: Start Google Docs from your favorite web app and open a new or existing document.  In this post, we will create a new document, but you can also use an existing document.

Rotate Text in Google Doc



Step 2: On your Google Doc menu, click the "Insert" tab in the top left corner. A drop-down menu will appear.


rotate text in google doc



 Step 3:  Select the "Drawing" option to open another drop-down menu.


Google doc rotate text


Step 4: Now open a new drawing area using the “new” option.


Rotate Text in google doc page


Step 5: On the drawing area window toolbar, click on the textbox icon to create a text box where we can write and edit our text.

Googel doc rotate text in doc page


Now drag the textbox into your drawing area and place it where you would like your text to appear.

Google doc rotate text 6



Step 6: Now, Type your text in the Textbox


Rotate text in google doc page


Step 7: Now, click at the top of your textbox and rotate your text to your desired requirements or degrees


Rotate text in google doc 8



Step 8: After rotating the textbox to your desired position, click the "Save and close" button to save your text.


Google doc rotate text in google doc page


Step 9: Our text has now been rotated. That’s all.



Google doc rotate text with angle



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