How do I set Page size in Google doc?

Published February 21, 2022

Whenever you open a new document in Google Docs, the platform's default settings automatically apply, including page size. However, not every document you create will fit precisely inside Google Docs' default page size, and you will need to figure out how to adjust it. One of the perks of using Google Docs is the ability to resize the page of your work. It has a variety of paper size choices to assist you in doing so. This article will walk you through the process of altering the size of your article to match your needs.


How to change your Page Size in Google Docs

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to set the Google Docs document page size:

Step 1: Open a new or an existing document in Google Docs on your web app.

Google docs Page size


In this article, we are going to work with a new article.


Step 2: On your Google Docs menu, click on the “File” tab

Google Docs page size 2


Step 3:  On the "File" tab, select "Page setup"

set Page size in Google Docs


Step 4: A page setup pop-up will be displayed on your screen with a variety of options you can use to customize your page size. Now click on the page size option and customize your settings.

Google doc page size setup


A number of page sizes will be displayed on your screen.  Just select the page size of your choice and click "Ok" to save the changes.

Set Page size in Google Doc


Step 5: Now, your page will have a new size that you have specified above. That's it.



Finally, it is worth noting that Google Docs includes a profusion of settings in its main menu where various page settings may be altered based on user needs. Aside from page size, users may also customize Google pages by changing margins, page orientation, page colors, and many more


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