How to add and remove page numbers on Google Docs

Published February 20, 2022

When you create a multi-page document in Google Docs, adding page numbers is one approach to make it easier for your readers to navigate the content and keep track of where they are. Google Docs offers a feature that allows users to add a page number to a single page, and the page numbers on the other pages are instantly updated. In this article, we'll look at how to add and delete page numbers in Google Docs.

  • How to add page numbers on Google doc
  • How to Delete Page numbers on Google Docs


Part 1: How to add page numbers on Google doc

Adding page numbers to your document can be done in two ways, either on every page or starting at page 2.

Follow these simple steps to add page numbers to every page of your document:

Step 1:  Open a new document or an existing document in your Google Docs

Google doc add page number




Step 2:  On the Google Docs menu, click on the “Insert”

Google doc add [age numbers 1




Step 3:  Choose the "Page number" option from the pop-up menu

Google doc add page nubers 2


Step 4:  Now select the position where you want your page numbers to be inserted.


Google doc add page numbers 3




In this article, we will insert the page number in the top-right position of the header. The page number will be added automatically to your place of selection.

Google doc page number adding



Step 5: If you do not want page numbers on the first page of your document or title page, just check on the checkbox, “different on first page”


Add page numbers on Google doc


As a result, the document's first page will not contain a page number, while the second page will be numbered as number one.


Part 2: How to Delete Page numbers on Google Docs

If you decide later not to show page numbers in your document, Google Docs allows you to delete the page numbers easily. Follow these steps to remove the page numbers:

Step 1:  Open one of the pages on the document we have entered page number

Step 2:  Double click on the header or the footer of your document, depending on where your page numbers are placed

Remove Page number from google doc




Step 3:  Now delete the page numbers by simply pressing backspace.

Delete page number from Google doc


The page numbers will be automatically deleted from the entire document.



We've learned how to both add and remove page numbers from Google Docs documents. In multi-page Google documents, page numbers are crucial. Without these page numbers, readers would lose track of where they are in the document, which might ruin their experience


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