C Project Cycber Management System

Published October 16, 2021

In this C beginner Projects source code series we are going to create a Cycber Management System project. The method used to store data is file handling. Popular features like multithreading, sockets, and others are used in this project to improve the user experience. It is a project that is suitable for beginners, and those who are eager to learn how to program. 

The Cyber Management System project has two parts- client and server- they both have different source codes. The system management is the task of the server, while the client part provides access to the clients for cyber services. 

This project aims to interconnect different computers in the cybercafes so that you can communicate with other computers in the lab, and this c programming helps to connect multiple clients. You can download the source code from the option below the image, to get a better understanding of this project


This Project contains two modules

  • Client Module
  • Server Module


Cycber Managment System


Cycber Management System



Conclusion: In this C beginner Projects series we coverd how to create Cycber Management System.



Download Source code


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