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Flutter Single Child Layout Example


A convenience widget that combines common painting,

positioning, and sizing widgets. Often used to contain

wrap child widgets and apply styling


Container having the below properties

Color Property

Child Property

Alignment Property

Constraints Property

Margin Property

Padding Property

Decoration Property

ForegroundDecoration Property

Transform Property


class ContainerWidget extends StatelessWidget{


 Widget build(BuildContext context) {

   // TODO: implement build

   return MaterialApp(

     home: Scaffold(

       appBar: AppBar(title: Text("Container"),),

       body: Container(

         color: Color.fromARGB(255, 66, 165, 245),

         child: Container(

           color: Colors.pink,

           alignment: Alignment.center,

           constraints: BoxConstraints(

             maxHeight: 300,

             maxWidth: 200,

             minWidth: 150,

             minHeight: 150,


           child: Container(

             child: Text("Flutter Cheatsheet",

               style: TextStyle(

                   fontSize: 30.0,

                 color: Colors.white,


           transform: Matrix4.rotationZ(0.5),


         alignment: Alignment.center,




Flutter Container widget