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Flutter webview component is used to render webpages inside application without open the web browser. To load web page directly inside app we will use webview_flutter plugin

How to use Webview in flutter application

use webview is simple we need to add required plugin in pubspec.yaml file and import package in specific dart file

import 'package:webview_flutter/webview_flutter.dart';



Then now inside code we need add below lines to load a webpage

 WebView ( initialUrl: 'https://rrtutors.com',

                javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,



Here initialUrl is the url of page which we need to load. and we can enable/disable javascript features by javascriptMode property.



What is WebviewController?

We have other option to handle all webview page events by using the WebviewController


onWebViewCreated: (WebViewController webViewController) {




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