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Python Program To Swap Two Numbers without Temporary Variable

In This Python program we will learn swap two numbers without using temporary variable.


Program Steps:

  • Take two numbers from the user and save them in two different variables
  • Add both numbers and store the value in first number
  • Substract second value from the first variable value and store it in second variable
  • Now, subtract first value from the second variable and store it in first variable.
  • Now print the values.


Python program to swap two numbers without temporary number


Program to swap two numbers

x=int(input("Enter value of first variable: x= "))
y=int(input("Enter value of second variable: y= "))
print(" **** before swap **** ")
print("x is:",x," y is:",y)
print(" **** after swap *** ")
print("x is:",x," y is:",y)




Enter value of first variable: x= 102
Enter value of second variable: y= 123
**** before swap **** 
x is: 102  y is: 123
 **** after swap *** 
x is: 123  y is: 102


Conclusion: This way we can swap numbers without using temporary variable in python.


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