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Last updated Dec 11, 2020

Hi Guys!!!  Welcome to an Introductory part of the Python Journey it promises to be a wonderful ride…

Let’s have a brief talk on what python is... 


Python Overview


According to the creator of the language, Guido Von Rossum, the name Python was adapted from a  popular comic series

By the way, Python is an Interpreted high-level machine language. A high-level machine language is the one in which can relate human understandable language into machine efficient language.


Python is a programming language on which some frameworks have been built, Think of the language as a regular mathematics class, where we learn BODMAS and fractions, and frameworks is where all these basic principles are applicable. 


What is Python?

If you don't know about python programming. Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is used for developing different web applications, websites, etc


Let me share some of the things you can use python to do, we can use it in writing automation codes for machines, we can use it in building websites and web applications, we can use it in designing mobile applications, we can use it in writing desktop applications, data analysis, data science and many more yet to come unexplored technology, I can say it is a language that is built to last and built to fit…


I know that some concepts mentioned above may sound unfamiliar to the newbies, concepts like frameworks, interpreted language, website/web applications, but as we ride along we will become more familiar with the concepts.


Top 10 Features of Python Every developer should know

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