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Last updated Jan 18, 2021

How to get current date in python. How to print it on the console.

In this post we will learn how to print current date in python.

To get current date in python we nee to import "datetime" module


Python program to get Current Date

from datetime import date

todate =
print("Today's date:", todate)


In the above program we imported date class from datetime module.

The date object is return a date like year,month and day.


date class properties

The date class contains below proerties

  • date.fromtimestamp(timestamp)
  • date.fromordinal(ordinal)
  • date.fromisoformat(date_string)
  • date.fromisocalendar(yearweekday)
  • date.min
  • date.max
  • date.year
  • date.month


The above python code will return current date in the below format

Today's date: 2021-01-18



Program to get Current date and time

from datetime import datetime

# datetime object containing current date and time
now =
print("now =", now)


This will print the current date and time

now = 2021-01-18 12:06:03.531239


Format date and time in Python

To format the Date and time we will use the  strftime() method


Python Program to Print Current date in different format


from datetime import date

todate =

# dd/mm/YY
todate1 = todate.strftime("%d/%m/%Y")
print("todate1 =", todate1)

# Textual month, day and year    
todate2 = todate.strftime("%B %d, %Y")
print("todate2 =", todate2)

# mm/dd/y
todate3 = todate.strftime("%m/%d/%y")
print("todate3 =", todate3)

# Month abbreviation, day and year    
todate4 = todate.strftime("%b-%d-%Y")
print("todate4 =", todate4)



todate1 = 18/01/2021
todate2 = January 18, 2021
todate3 = 01/18/21
todate4 = Jan-18-2021


Other Python Date and Time types

timedelta : This timedelta object will handle the duration and get the difference between different dates 


time : This object will return current time of the day



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