Kotlin program to find largest element in the array

Published October 07, 2021

In this kotlin programming example we will find largest element in the array from the given array. We are asking user to enter array elements and then find the largest element.

In this kotlin example we also create an Int Array with a fixed size.

Let's get started

Step 1: Create an Int Array with a size 5;

Step 2: Let's take inputs from user as integer with Scanner class

Step 3: Add user values into Int Array

Step 4: Now take one variable largestElement and assign its value from the array first index value

Step 5: Now loop the array to compare with largestElement

Step 6: Finally we will have the large number inside largestElement  variable


Example code

import java.util.Scanner
fun main() {
    var k:Int;
    var inputArray: IntArray =IntArray(5);
    val integer = Scanner(System.`in`)
    for( k in 0..4)

        print("Enter an integer: ")
        var enteredinteger:Int = integer.nextInt()

    var largestElement = inputArray[0]

    for (n in inputArray) {
        if (largestElement < n)
            largestElement = n

    println("The largest element in the array is %d".format(largestElement))



Enter an integer: 12
Enter an integer: 1
Enter an integer: 25
Enter an integer: 23
Enter an integer: 129
The largest element in the array is 129


Conclusion: In this kotlin example we covered add elements to array fro user inputs and then find largest element form the array.


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