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Last updated Jan 22, 2022

In this android tutorial example, we will see how to send notification with image using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in Android Studio by using Kotlin Langauge.Firebase Cloud Messaging is a free, real-time solution for sending push notifications to client apps. FCM can consistently send notifications with payloads up to 4Kb. This page includes a sample app that demonstrates how to use this service. Though FCM supports sending notifications via an app server, the Firebase admin SDK is used in this case.

Implementation of Notification With Image:

Step 1. Create a new Project in android studio.

Go to File > New > New Project > Google Maps Activity > Next > Enter Name > Select Language Kotlin > Finish.


After creating the new project, Android Studio starts Gradle and builds your project, which may take a few seconds.

Step 2.  Integrate the app with firebase:

Go to Firebase console:


Click on Add Project (+) and enter the project name then click Continue:

Firebase Push Notification with Image

You will see this screen after continue and click Continue Again:

Firebase Push Notification with Image2


You will land to this screen that will ask for Choose or create a Google Ananlytics Account and  click on drag drop and choose the 'Default Account for Firebase' and then click  'Create Project'.

Firebase Push Notification with Image3

You will see please wait screen and you will get a message "Your new project is ready" and click to Continue.

Firebase Push Notification with Image4


You will redirect to the project dashboard, Here you will  add a android app:

Firebase Push Notification with Image5


Choose Android Option like in above image and add the following information:

1. Register App
Enter you package name, you will get your package name -> Open AndroidManifest.xml file , there you will package = "com.example.packageName" under manifest tag.

Firebase Push Notification with Image6


Click on  Register App.


2. Donwload Config File
       Download google-Services.json file and click on Next.


3. Add Firebase SDK 
        Click next, without changing anything.

4. Final click on Continue to Console.


Step 3. Now we will add the downloaded google-services.json file to the app.

Copy the google-services.json file and paste inside:

FirebaseOtpLogin > app > right-click > paste

Your Project Structure be like: 

Firebase Push Notification with Image7


Step 4. Add the internet permission to AndroidManifest.xml file above application tag

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"></uses-permission>


Step 5. Open project level gradle file (build.gradle(project)) and add the following inside dependencies

classpath ''


Step 6. Now go to build.gradle(app) file 
Add the firebase messaging dependency inside dependencies

 implementation ''


Apply google-services plugin in the bottom of file:

 apply plugin: ''

Click Sync Now to continue.


Step 7. Now go to activity_main.xml and add the following layout code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

        android:text="Welcome to RRTutors"



Step 8. Run your app once and the output screen be like:

Firebase Push Notification with Image9

Step 9. Create and Send Notification from Firebase Console

Select Cloud Messaging option from the left side of dashboard

Firebase Push Notification with Image10

Click on Send Your First Message.

You will see following screen:

Firebase Push Notification with Image11


1. Notification
Enter Notification Title, Notification text and Image Url .

Click Next.


2. Target 

Firebase Push Notification with Image12

Select an App from drop down and Click Next.

3. Scheduling 
You can choose particular time but we will choose NOW.

Click Next.

4. Conversation Events

Click Next.


5. Additional Options

Sound > Enable it

Firebase Push Notification with Image13


Finally click on Review

Firebase Push Notification with Image14


Step 10. You will see a following screen

Firebase Push Notification with Image15

And Click on Publish.


Step 11. Wait for a while sometimes it take time to send notification message.

And you will see a output:

Firebase Push Notification with Image16


When you click on notification it will redirect you to the home screen of the app.

You will see your created notification in firebase dashboard.

Firebase Push Notification with Image17


Note: If you not get Notification please add your SHA Keys to firebase project by following:

Get SHA keys by following these steps given below and click enter :

Firebase Push Notification with Image18


And your keys be like: 

Firebase Push Notification with Image19

On the Firebase console go to Project Overview ->  Project Setting, and click add fingerprint button, and add your SHA keys copied from firebase

Firebase Push Notification with Image

and download the google-services.json file and follow the step no. 3


Conclusion: In this article, we covered how to push notification with Image from firebase console using Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) in Android Studio using Kotlin language.


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