Top 7 AI ChatBot Business Platforms & ChatBot Development Frameworks

Top 7 AI ChatBot Business Platforms & ChatBot Development Frameworks
Nov 21st 2021

Chatbots have emerged in today's day, where personalized marketing is critical, to provide a one-to-one experience to users or consumers. The majority of companies are now including chatbots in their websites or chat systems. Facebook and Telegram, for example, have already made their presence felt in this space by developing and deploying their chatbots. Many organizations are competing to establish chatbots or AI-enabled virtual assistants to smoothly manage their customers, provide reliable assistance, alleviate or improve their product offering, and retain clients with life-long efficiency, thanks to the growing popularity of chatbots.

It takes a lot of time and works to create a successful Client Retention Management (CRM). Chatbots assist you in scaling up your business cycle and managing your CRM routine like an expert. It understands the language unmistakably and responds to the other person as if a real person is speaking to you, and it quickly collects all the data you require from potential or existing customers, thanks to AI. When it comes to designing a chatbot, many business people are unsure which platform, technology, or structure to use to achieve their objectives. As a result, this blog will provide you with a list of prominent chatbot creation platforms that you can use to create intelligent and productive chatbots that will help your business grow and generate profit.


Because AI powers and manages everything, it definitely perceives and comprehends the language, responds to the other person as if it were a live person, and promptly assembles all the information and data you require from your existing clients. Every day, businesses receive a great number of client inquiries. It gets difficult to effortlessly manage all of those queries. As a result, here's another choice. Frameworks for AI chatbot development can save the day! Chatbots have now become a necessity for many firms to provide smooth customer support and efficient global operations. was launched by Facebook in 2015. It's an open-source chatbot creation framework that supports a wide range of languages, from Albanian to Lithuanian to Tamil and Vietnamese. This framework's extensive features make it a useful tool for creating bots for small devices, wearables, and home automation, where a hands-free experience is desired. It also allows developers to upload their data, which can then be used as the foundation for a conversational interaction in any use case.However, this information is shared with the entire community to exponentially improve the system's NLP skills. It's a combination of speedy integration with Facebook Messenger and skill in developing chatbots that can communicate in practically every human language. Its open-source nature also limits use cases involving sensitive data.



Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that allows you to create and design chatbots and voice apps, such as Google Actions and Amazon Alexa Skills. It's a talking AI with Google's backing. It is used by developers to create actions for the 400 million+ Google Assistant devices. It works with Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Slack, Twitter, Line, Viber, and other popular messaging apps. Natural Language Processing is supported by the framework in over 20 languages. It's one of the greatest solutions for building omnichannel chatbots with no coding. It also comes with a REST API, which you can use to integrate a chatbot into your app or create bespoke conversational interfaces.


Framework for Microsoft Bots

Microsoft Bot Framework is an open-source tool that comes with a set of templates to help you get started with bot development. These templates range in complexity from a basic data gathering service (FormBot) to a more powerful Language Understanding bot. To create intelligent conversational interactions, it makes use of Microsoft's LUIS NLU package. Microsoft Bot Framework, according to many, is unquestionably not for the casual bot builder, as it requires programming skills for proper deployment.

The framework includes automatic language translations (for a limited number of languages), Node.js and.NET SDKs, and REST APIs to connect it to popular CRM and messaging solutions. The availability of both normal web and serverless bots, with the latter running on Azure Functions, is a unique feature of Microsoft Bot Framework. Additionally, you may use its popular Cortana API to give your chatbot voice capabilities.



Rasa is an open-source framework that is divided into two parts: Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. Rasa NLU is a natural language understanding system that facilitates the building of intelligent, conversational chatbots. It's written in Python, and the NLP technology stack enables developers to build highly intelligent chatbots using probabilistic modeling rather than the traditional flowchart technique. The framework is now the most popular open-source machine learning toolkit, allowing developers to create better AI chatbots with little or no training data. Machine learning models are used by RASA to recognize entities and intents, as well as to determine the conversation flow.


Amazon Lex

This framework is used to join and integrate the voice and text in any application which leads to the creation of conversational interfaces. The framework is dependent on similar technology just as the Amazon Alexa. It is used as a fully managed service, which is scaled effortlessly and one does not need to worry about the infrastructure management. You can test, design, and deploy chatbots from the dashboard of Amazon Lex with this Amazon Lex. Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twilio SMS, and Kik are among the messaging services where Amazon Lex bots can be launched. For generating bots for your mobile apps, Amazon Lex provides SDKs for iOS and Android.



Botkit is a Microsoft-acquired open source chatbot framework that is widely regarded as the greatest developer tool for building chatbots, apps, and other custom integrations for popular messaging networks. It is based on the natural language processing engine and includes open-source libraries. BotKit enables chatbots to be published on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft Bot Framework. Botkit also offers a webchat plugin that can be used on any website. BotKit can be used with all of the major NLP platforms with ease.



Pandorabots is a web service that allows you to create and deploy chatbots online. For scripting the chatbot interaction, Pandorabots uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). Pandorabots offers free and open-source libraries such as ALICE, Rosie, and Base Bot in addition to premium libraries and modules such as the Mitsuku Module, which are accessible for a monthly fee. It has recently incorporated a new function that allows you to create your AIML. This chatbot may be integrated into a variety of programs, websites, and other messaging platforms, as well as Cortana.


Benefits of AI chatbots

24*7 Availability

We understand how inconvenient it is to wait for answers to our questions, which is why the majority of our work is delayed, resulting in a customer's lack of interest. Chatbots can communicate with backend systems and offer desired information via live conversations, which are available at all hours of the day and night.


Accurately handling many customers

Even while serving several requests on your website, a Chatbot may tailor the customer experience. This will help you improve your CRM habit. Additionally, if you include keywords in your data, the Chatbot intelligently arranges the information based on client demand for certain phrases. It also gives exactly what a client is looking for on your website by using voice notes, text, and UX to create the ideal experience.


The cost-effective solution

Chatting with customers all day, possibly providing the same information to everyone, is a tiresome task for a human person. Having a support team allows for predictable costs. A Chatbot, on the other hand, is a one-time investment that helps you save money every month by doing jobs more efficiently, which improves the user experience.



You can use reporting and analytics services to acquire a better understanding of how the software is being used and how it is assisting a company's growth. find out more info Best taxi app development.

We've provided you with a list of business chatbot platforms as well as a list of chatbot development platforms and frameworks. These chatbots are beneficial to e-Commerce companies, enterprises, online sales marketers, banking, retail, travel, education, real estate, hospitality, and other industries. These Chatbots have drawbacks as well as advantages in terms of increasing company leads and achieving your objectives. Few of them provide free trial versions, and even fewer are completely free. Please let us know when you've decided on the best solution for your website or mobile app so we can assist you. 

We create the Chatbot in the same way as the examples above, but we additionally customize it with your preferred features and functions. Get a quote for your project right now. As these chatbots become more popular, and as new and more complicated AI frameworks emerge, there's no doubt that chatbots will become a key business tool - one that lays the groundwork for increased efficiency and better consumer experiences. There is no perfect framework because it depends on the requirements, thus you must investigate all of them to see which one works best for your company. find out more info Best taxi app development. If you're a developer, you might be interested in learning how to create a chatbot

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