Game Theory’s Decision Making A Fundamental Element of Mobile Game Development

Game theory is a theoretical framework that contains the theory of independent and interdependent decision-making. Decision-making, conflict, interest, and cooperation among players is basically the concept of game theory. It is utilized in organizations where decisions and outcomes are dependent on two or more autonomous players, one of which could be nature itself, and over which no single decision-maker has complete authority. Players are reasonable and educated decision-makers who want to make the most of their opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. Game theory is used in a variety of applications such as online shopping, food ordering, dating app, etc.


Game Theory’s Decision Making  A Fundamental Element of Mobile Game Development


This article is based on the game theory decision-making for mobile game development. Let’s start exploring the fundamental element of mobile game development.

Fundamental principles of mobile game development

The following are the fundamental principles of game development that helps in building an exceptional mobile game app.


Make a unique game idea

The first step is to come up with an amazing and unique idea for your mobile game. Your game idea should be something that attracts a large audience. Enthralling, engaging, and fun-playing gaming ideas keep the audience hooked with your mobile game app. However, you can also take inspiration from an existing game to create your own mobile game with new features. Because there are many various categories of mobile games, so it’s essential to determine which one you want to create. Casual-single player, multiplayer, location-based, mobile, augmented reality, and multipurpose are the different types of games that you can choose from.


Create storyline and concept

 After bringing a unique idea you need to create the story of the game by following some questions like what’s the purpose of the game, what are the characters of the game, what will be the different stages and phases of the game? Begin by sketching out the main plot and creating a gaming environment that contains your main characters and features. Make a flowchart to assist you in defining the direction of your game, the rules for your game, the different paths, and how users will complete the game by reaching the final stage. These elements help in creating a captivating game story that will keep your audience hooked to your games for hours.


Selecting the mobile game platform

Once you’ve created the storyline, it’s time to select a mobile platform on which you want to build your mobile game. The two most common type of mobile platforms is iOS and Android that has different advantages and functionalities. Android is an open-source platform that allows developers to freely create unique mobile games.

While the iOS platform is more advanced and secure, with more restrictions, the user experience is enhanced by outstanding performance and flawless design. Choosing just one platform, on the other hand, may limit the reach of your game. It all depends on your budget, if you have a reasonable budget, consider choosing a multi-platform to reach a larger target audience.


Selecting the mobile game engine

Game engine and backend technology play a significant role in the game development process. Examine the benefits and features of a platform first, then choose the one with the best features, performance, efficiency, and speed. There are several platforms available for developing a mobile app such as Unity, CryEngine, Godot, Amazon Lumberyard, SpriteKit, Game Maker Studio, etc. Furthermore, the backend programming languages like  C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, Python, etc., that you can select from for app development company Dubai.


Game design structure document

Game design documentation comprises the descriptions regarding design, development, technology, limitation, implications, and much more that is related to the development of the game. It’s known as dynamic documentation, which is created and modified later during the process if needed. The importance of creating a game design document (GDD) is that it helps in making complex tasks manageable and substantial.


Create the structure of the game

The game's structure is created by designing a wireframe, which includes the layout, user flow, functionalities, game screens, pages, and so on. Wireframing is roughed out and sketched on paper to provide a visual representation of how the game will function. Developers must also consider the game's environment, texture, graphics, and other objects. After the development team approves the wireframe, the developer moves on to the game's design phase, where the game's user interface and graphics are created. Choose whether you want to create a 2D or 3D game.


Coding and development of the game

Coding and development is the phase in which the actual code of the mobile game app is written. Different software, tools, and programming languages are utilized in game development. Developers implement various game features and functionalities that help in making a highly robust and functional game. Coding and database creation of the mobile game app are the steps included in this phase.


Testing the mobile game

Game testing is an important stage of game development because it ensures that the game performs well in terms of performance, speed, functionality, and usability. The QA team is in charge of various stages of game testing, such as functional testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, localization testing, and recovery testing, and so on. These testing techniques aid in the detection of bugs, errors, and broken codes in the game, allowing it to be fully functional.

Monetization strategy

The Google Play Store has approximately 477,877 mobile gaming apps, whereas the Apple App Store has 984,000 games. Apple's revenue model is built around subscriptions and in-app purchases. Android app works on the strategy of in-app advertisement, which means that customers are unwilling to spend extra money on in-app purchases. So, if you want to monetize your mobile game without using advertisements, iOS is the platform for you.

Support and maintenance

Mobile game maintenance is essential for keeping your game in good working order and up to date with the latest gaming features. It also aids in keeping your mobile game current and free of technical glitches. The mobile game must be kept up to date to continue attracting visitors and customers. Certain factors are critical in mobile game maintenance, and they are as follows:

• Virus and vulnerability detection.

• Repairs and maintenance

• Mobile game updates

• Mobile game performance


Where does the game theory fit in game development?

The game development is based on strategy, so is the game theory decision making, which relies on the strategy and quick decision-making. Mobile gaming is about choosing the right strategy that includes innovative game ideas, storylines, game concepts, monetization strategies, and much more. Among all, the most important fundamental principle of mobile game development is the decision-making process and its effect on multiple players. Every person involved in the development process has an impact on the project. Everyone's decision is influenced by the decisions of others, including project managers, developers, stakeholders, sponsors, testers, and business analysts. However, game theory is simply the sets of decisions permitted in a game that influence the game's immediate and distant outcomes.



The game theory is applied in the mobile game development process for quick decision-making and cooperation among the team members. The game is designed and developed by following the fundamental elements that play a vital role in the overall success and reach of the mobile game. Developers must incorporate the game theory decision-making in the game development for optimal decision-making. Moreover, choosing the right technology, framework, tool, and technique will help you create a top-notch mobile game.


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