How to write a Post Interview thank you email To Interviewer

Even if you spend hours looking for the perfect position in your field and represented yourself as
the only candidate worthy of their time, you still stand a chance of being rejected by the team.
You must send the person an interview thank you email to avoid this from happening with you.

What makes it so essential?
Do you know that only 24% of job candidates write thank-you emails after a meeting?
According to a recent survey conducted by Robert Hald International, more than 80% of
managers only evaluate candidates who send them such emails when making hiring decisions.
See, you just discovered the key to getting your dream job title inscribed in the front of your


Post-interview email notes1

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Point to consider:
This email must not twist up your profile information. Or be a sugarcoated note with
gratitude for your manager's time.
Instead, your email should

  •  remind the interviewer why they should consider to hiring you
  •  while complimenting them for their time and
  • highlighting the most significant element of your interaction.


It is essential for your prospective boss to say "congrats" while establishing a favorable
impression of you.

Steps to write an interview thank-you for an email:

There is no need to be worried if you do not know how to write something that will make the
management recall you. We have provided some helpful ideas below:

1. Time factor: To demonstrate professionalism, try to write and submit the email within
24 hours. As the Former Associate Director of Career Development at Susquehanna
University, Whitney Purcell
, these emails should be sent during work hours (not after 3
a.m.) because it makes the whole scenario look out of sync.

2. Handwritten note: Although these emails appear sophisticated in the digital realm
nothing can beat handwritten thank you emails. To set yourself apart from the other
candidates, make it vibrant and memorable.

3. The subject line: Although there are no such secret notes for the subject line, try to write
something that pops out from the crowd. You can begin by writing a humorous gratitude
quote that includes your name. If you want to keep it basic, write down your name and
job title.

4. Address them with their name: While a meeting, sometimes managers request their
applicants to address them with their first name. So keep in mind while you write

5. Connectivity: Demonstrate your interest in the organization by describing what you
liked about the workplace and the job position you are looking for. Share what you have
learned from them as a gesture of thanking them.

6. Show your excitement: Explain the organizational professionalism and the component
of the work environment that most struck you.


Post-interview email notes

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Treat it as your second chance:
If you believe your meeting did not go as planned, this interview thank-you email will help you
put things right.
Also, if you think you may have answered something incorrectly or erroneously, you might use
this opportunity to clarify your genuine meaning.


Share your thoughts based on your most recent meetings. Is there anything more you'd like to
suggest? Feel free to contribute any useful recommendations


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