Top 5 Node JS projects for beginners in 2022

Node JS is an open source server environment which enables developers to build node with java scripts. We can develop dynamic web pages that can communicate with servers as and when required. The framework is very easy to use due to the user friendly interface. If you want to become a node JS developer then you must know the syntax of Node JS programming. Sometimes to try their hands on basic projects they search for node js easy projects to handle and Node js development. If you are also looking for the same then this article is made just for you. Here are the Top 5 Node JS projects for beginners in 2022.

Top 5 Node JS projects for beginners in 2022

Basic user system

Perhaps the easiest Node JS projects that will test your Node JS skills for setting up databases, performing migrations, adding new users, getting user data etc. The user system can be One time password authenticated as we see today these days as well. The features of the basic user system includes:-

  • Registration of new user.

  • Forgotten password for existing users

  • Adding users using email addresses and providing access to the application interface.

  • Real-time Connectivity of input user data into database.

  • Adding membership features

  • Login authentication with one time password using email address or mobile number.


Book Directory

Making a book directory can be an excellent Node JS project idea. In this project we can know the use of GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods in Node JS programming. The Book directory can fetch the book details from the directory, add new books to the directory, update books in the existing database, delete the book permanently from the directory. Important features of Book directory is as follows:-

  • Searching the books using book name, and author name

  • Displaying the search items in tabular format with a link to download the PDF file.

  • When logged in with an admin password we can add new books, or manage the existing database of book records.

  • Books that are updated frequently should display the sorted search results displaying the new version first rather than the later one.


Real Time chat apps

When we have to develop real time chat applications then the Node JS framework is considered ideal. The reason is because it allows sending and receiving messages using time stamps. These can be handled seamlessly in the Node JS framework.

  • Application for smartphone that allows real time chat facility.

  • We can use different fonts like bold, italics and font styles while chatting on this application.

  • Showing the online status of chat users.

  • Feature to let the user know whether the message is sent successfully, read, or sent but unread.

  • They can set the wallpaper as per their choice and change the avatar or profile pictures.

  • They can also display their about me section to let chat users know their interests and hobbies etc.


Complex single page application

Some websites are bulky and consist of millions of pages. For making single page applications using Node JS can be the easiest projects. This complex single page application can give a user friendly interface and access the entire website on a single application. We can make this application in the form of a desktop application.

  • Making a social networking app for desktop.

  • Enabling all the features those social networks has like Map integration, GPS location tracking, Payment gateway integration for purchasing products and services online.

  • Lite weight application that has high performance and easy to navigate from one page to another.

  • Fast browsing application that can load contents immediately after scrolling down.


Real time collaboration apps

Node JS offer event based asynchronous architecture that is ideal for building real time collaboration apps. We can handle many I/O requests and events concurrently.

  • Making a drawing app on smartphones

  • Pick pallet methods for picking up colors on the canvas.

  • Pen for drawing lines, or basic diagrams.

  • Ideal for making business ideas where we can make fish bone diagrams, or UML diagrams for problem identification in business processes.

  • We can implement touch screen features that allow us to interact with the screen and draw the desired shape.


Video streaming platform

For this Node JS project we must know HTML 5 and know how to build a media player. This video streaming platform allows us to upload the video of any format and play without any compatibility issues. Since node js provides an excellent platform for handling multiple events occurring concurrently hence it is apt for building video streaming platforms.

  • Built a website that allows multiple videos to be viewed on the same page using frames. 

  • Users can view the videos as per the speed of the internet they have.

  • Loading of videos can be made fast by backend conversion of file extension to FLV format.

  • Users can upload videos after logging in and it shows in the latest videos. The videos that have maximum views must be shown on the trending page.


Web scraper

Web scraper tools can be ideal for scrapping or extracting juicy information like email address, name of person, Business details from Google my business and other business directories. Using the Node JS framework we can extract these details easily. Important features of web scraper tool are:-

  • Users can share the Google my business search query links or business directory search query links. 

  • The input when submitted generates excel sheets by displaying the business name, contact number, email address, address and website if any.

  • The user can also extract these files in excel sheet on single click of download button.

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