Android 12 Beta Preview - What's new in August 2021

Last updated Aug 16, 2021

With the revolution in the android smartphones industry, the android operating system has also been upgrading at a quite fast pace. In this article, we are going to explore the latest android 12 Preview ND release date, feature changes from the previous versions, and developer changes.


Android 12 Preview



Android 12 release date and developer changes

The latest android version 12 preview build was released in May 2021. Android 12 Beta version 4 is rolling out in August 2021. Google Pixel devices starting from the google pixel 3 series and onward will get the Android 12 update this year.

There is a lot of improvement in android 12 for the users, but the developers will also have a better experience too. New APIs and services have been included.


Following is the list of developer changes in android 12.

  • Gaming mode APIs

  • Compatible media transcoding

  • AVIF image support

  • Foreground services

  • Multichannel Audio

  • Restricted Netlink MAC

  • Optimization for big display devices

  • Changes for debugging


Visit this link to explore developer changes.



New features of android 12 beta

New android quick tiles

Android 12 Preview

When you pull down the notification panel in android 12, there are now 4 rectangular tiles with rounded corners. A bigger size means you have more information to look into the tiles. The rest of the icons in the notification panel are placed below the tiles. It is more convenient now to trigger the tiles and looks beautiful too.



Android 12 Preview



Security and privacy upgrades

Google claimed in the press conference that in android 12 users will have better control over their data privacy. So, there is a privacy dashboard in android 12 where you can see the app's access to your data such as location or microphone in the past 24 hours. So, it will make the apps more transparent.



New Notifications style

Android 12 release date



In the previous android versions, developers need to handle the redirection to the app upon notification tap by themselves. Now, Google is making it easy for the developers by implementing some logic in the notifications. Other than these developer changes, new transitions, animations, and designs are refreshing to see.

Android 12 Preview Release date



Wifi sharing in android 12

This can be your favorite feature, as it allows you to share your Wifi with the nearby device without sharing credentials or scanning any barcode. It uses android nearby sharing to share the credentials so, you don’t need to bring mobile to scan code or provide credentials.


Android 12 Preview Release date


Built-in Scrolling screenshot

The scrolling screenshot feature has been provided by many other operating systems and customs ROMs and is now officially added in android 12. Just take the screenshot and select capture more to take the scrolling screenshot in android 12. 



Brand new widgets and Emoji collection

Android 12 has added new widgets for the home screen as well as new emojis for expressing the 2021 reactions right from the Google keyboard. 


Hibernation mode in android 12

Android 12 Preview New features



This feature will remove the cache and storage files used by the app and stop receiving its notifications. So, if you don’t use an app and even don’t want to uninstall it, this feature will make the app consume the minimum resources of the device. App hibernation mode will support the low-end devices to perform better.


More features confirmed in android 12

  • Improved auto-rotate

  • Internet panel upon clicking on Wifi from the notifications panel

  • Universal splash screen

  • Easy to select the audio source

  • New wallpapers and styles selection

  • Refreshed toggle buttons and settings menu design



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