How to Change App Icon Android

Published April 03, 2021

When we installed Android app from Play store it will show app icon on the android launcher panel. This is the where users can see your app icons. In this post i will show you how to change android app icon. To generate app icon there are many  android app icon generator tools will be available, but in this example we will create app icon with in the Android studio to support all density pixel devices.


Let's get started

Step 1: Open you Android application in Android studio.

Step 2: Select Resource Manager tab on Tools page

Android app icon


Select Drawable menu and press '+' icon and select Image Assets menu item

Now it will open Image Configuration window


Step 3: Now select Launcher Icons(Adaptive and Legacy) or Launcher Icons(Legacy only)


App icon generator android studio



Step 4: Now select Image radio option and pick image from your computer. (If you want  material android icons then select Clip Art. Give the name of your launcher icon and tap on Next, Now it will show your app icon in different sixes.


Android app icon generator



Step 5: Now tap on finish, and check your manifest file app icon attribute to set the current created launcher app icon name.


App icon android



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