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How to check the Installed Flutter Version on Your Computer

As a beginner as of us don't know how to install flutter and what is the installed version of your computer.

As we know any programming language always keeps update versions by adding new features, similarly flutter and dart also will keep update their programming features.

Current latest flutter version is 2.0.0 which was launched on 3rd March 2021 .

Let say we have installed flutter and how could we check what is the version installed in your computer.


We can easily Check which Flutter Dart Version is Installed in our Computer by executing a simple command in our command prompt or Terminal window


Step 1: Open your Command Prompt or Terminal window

Step 2: If you already set the flutter path in your environment variable then directly type below command other wise open command prompt with your project specific location path and type below command

flutter --version


How to check flutter version installed on computer



Step 3: Now enter you will see the installed version of flutter and dart version on the screen

How to check installed flutter version





Author: RRTutors

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