Preview your Flutter app on Multiple devices

Last updated Jan 07, 2022

As developers, we want our apps to be responsive and we wish to be able to preview how our app will look on different devices. To verify responsive design in all screens will not possible, but Luckily, there's a package for us to view the design in all devices while develop the flutter application called device_preview

Link to video tutorial -

Let's get started

Step 1: Create Flutter application in Android studio

Step 2: Add device_preview package in pubspec.yaml file

  device_preview: ^1.0.0



Import device_preview package in dart file

import 'package:device_preview/device_preview.dart';


This package is so easy to use and we just need to add three lines of code.


Step 3:

And then in your main function, in the run app we will use the device preview.

Like this

void main() {


    enabled: true,

    builder: (context)=> const MyApp())




You set the enabled to true so that you can see the different devices. Restart your app and viola, you can now preview how your app looks on different devices.


Flutter Device PReview


Flutter Device PReview 2


Download Source code


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